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  1. South Africa
    Hi all. Anyone attending this years SA Festival Of Motoring, being held at Kyalami from 31 August- 04 September 2016. I have emailed the contacts requesting if any italian marques will be on display, however todate I have not received a response. This would be an ideal opportunity for FCASA...
  2. South Africa
    Hi guys Does anyone know any details about the Chatz event at Kyalami on 12 June?
  3. South Africa
    If you interested there might be a few 4C's driving around Kyalami today.. :thumbs:
  4. South Africa
    Expect write ups soon..
  5. South Africa
    Did anyone else make it the Ferrari day at Kyalami today? I was blessed with my first ride in a Ferrari ever. :D:D:D Man what an experience. It was one of those "friend of a friend that drives a Ferrari situations". I had 3 laps in the passenger seat of a California before we were forced to...
  6. South Africa
    Iconic Kyalami circuit up for auction - IOL Motoring Motorsport | I just hope it does not get sold and turned into a shopping mall or estate or something.
  7. South Africa
    There is no such thing as a standard GTi :P The QV impressed me if I am honest. Every car i went against had at a minimum an exhaust and remap. In 1st and 2nd gear it seems to take any hot hatch, which makes me think its 0-100 is more rapid then claimed. But 3rd gear is where the others catch...
  8. South Africa
    Who Remember's This? Alfa GTV 3.0 SA Debut Kyalami 1983 pt1 (korascher) - YouTube
  9. South Africa
    A mate and I decided to go through to Kyalami and see what this was all about. We watched a few races and in the end did one or two ourselves. It was all very well organised with a big focus on safety and just having fun. I put the JTDm up against a 3 series Beemer and my mate had a go in his...
  10. South Africa
    Did anyone else attend the Chats track day at Kyalami today? My mate was there from 12 till 3 and was able take his Abarth on the track. I went with the gtv at 3 but was not allowed to take my own car on the track. We took a GQV as well as a 159 1750 around the track. The GQV had 18" rims...
  11. South Africa
    I popped into the Ferrari Showroom on William Nicol yesterday, to drool for a bit. Noticed on the window, a poster for a big Ferrari Track day happening at Kyalami on the 24th of July. Free entry, 100 Ferrari's on track etc. Just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in going to watch...
  12. South Africa
    This Saturday, the 24th of April, the second round of the Alfa Trofeo race series is taking place at Kyalami! :cool: Trackman's dad is leading the championship in his Giulietta, and will race in both the heats this Saturday. I will be helping them out in the pits. Then there is a 1-hour...
  13. South Africa
    Anyone else going...? I am coming up from Natal. Thought it would be interesting to see if any other locals are going to support it.
  14. Motoring Images
    The pictures as promised. From what I understand we broke the Guinness World Record for the most Alfas driven in formation - 240!
  15. International Events
    On Saturday 23 April Alfa Romeo South Africa is hosting an event at the Kyalami racetrack in Midrand, South Africa. Said to be the biggest Alfa event ever in ZA history, it will feature new and old cars, and all Alfa clubs are invited to attend. Several Alfa Romeo dealerships are also involved...
1-15 of 16 Results