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  1. Kurzon not been on for 19 hours

    Non Motoring Images
    Do you think he is stuck at the shop :confused:
  2. Has Kurzon ever........

    Poll Room
    Tell it like it is guys - we're all wondering :lol:
  3. Kurzon or Nomad for mod?

    Poll Room
    very controversial this but... Nomad or "BORED no1" Kurzon to be made upto moderator status :confused: I have my reasons for this post btw :p
  4. Strut it Kurzon!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Kurz, I don`t know how often you go in the AO shop so just in case you had forgotten that you really need that strut brace, take a look at these. I have a red momo one but that chrome fella if pretty showy :D It must be time for your...
  5. The Kurzon Carrying Machine

    Motoring Images
    I should have done this ages ago :o :rolleyes: :o ... but thanks to Selespeed's other thread ;) I finally got around to taking some pictures of my motor :) I was a little rushed whilst taking them by rather rude cars hooting and pedestrians giving me strange looks :rolleyes: :( Not sure...
  6. Kurzon Poll

    Poll Room
    Sorry Kurzon. I just couldn't resist :D