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  1. Ford Torino King Cobra

    Cool Wall
    Stillborn 200mph+ racing car intended to be the mainstay of Ford's NASCAR challenge at the outset of the 70's...... Aerodynamically not-right, timing all-wrong. But what do you think - would you be cool if you rolled up in something that looked like this, sounded like this, and could go like...
  2. Where cash is not King?

    General Motoring Discussion
    That's the way the world is certainly with regard to car purchasing for us old cash buyers after a new motor! The price variation between cash purchases and PCP, HP, is a real eye opener to us.:depressed:
  3. Filter King

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I have been considering fitting one of these back in the day, 1970's I think, they were all the rage. Has anyone fitted one? And did you notice any tangible benefits ie better fuel consumption? Thanks...
  4. The King is Dead long live The King

    Alfa GTA
    Well basically as title. 156 gta sold pleased about that because it was too good to use, but I need busso in my life. m power is good but you just can't compare the response or sound. Really need a good GTASW or 147 if anyone is thinking of letting go. Black ideally one that doesnt need any...
  5. King's Heath - Brum

    West Midlands
    What's it like? Rough as arseholes or a complete warzone? Just need a heads up for later :thumbs:
  6. Leaking Filter King

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    My Malpassi Filter King worked great and then suddenly started leaking from between the bowl and the body. The seals semmed ok but bought new ones but it still leaks.:( Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you cure it?
  7. Who needs BHP, traction is king!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Being rather childish and having a streak of boy racer left in me, even at the age of 40, I couldn't resist a little bit of traffic light grand prix last night..... I pulled into the inside lane at a set of lights that are on a slight incline, they then go over a dual carriage way and down the...
  8. The King is dead, Long live the King !

    General Alfa Discussion
    Alas I have said goodbye to my beloved Cup, she is but a distant I have a new love ! A 1975 2000 Veloce Spider, yes my first toe in the murky waters of classic car ownership. I can almost feel my beard growing as I write. Here's some piccies: See you at the next meet...
  9. King of Trainers

    Poll Room
    who's the daddy when it comes to trainers? for me it's gotta be adidas, accept no substitute. although i do like k-swiss as well
  10. I am a king of car mechanics

    Republic of Ireland
    Well, When I say that I mean oil and oil filter changes did it on the 156 in under 25 mins today :D What a King :D As Ray foley is the king of Afternoon radio I am the king of Alfa oil filter changes. And people say Alfa's are hard to work on bah lies. Damien.
  11. How king much???

    General Motoring Discussion
    You will love the, just been quoted £36.00 for a set of four spark plugs and £254 in labour to fit them :wow: to my gtr1400. That is what I call extracting the urine.
  12. the king of petrol head heaven??

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    just killing time.....err.....i mean working hard!:cheese: and came across this top gear video of coupes and the winner is........ gtv! watch from 6.00 onwards:thumbs: YouTube - Old Top Gear Coupé's
  13. ODI King of Speed

    South Africa
    Looks like 1km and 1/4 mile runs at ODI Raceway this Sunday. WELCOME TO ODI RACEWAY Anyone from here going?
  14. 'King Ding' dent kit - Utter rubbish

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi Guy last week, I posted a thread about someone clouting my GTV in the rear quarter. Well........some bright spark gave me the idea of trying this 'do it yourself' dent kit made by King Ding. I should have known better with a name like that!? Found one on ebay, bought it, and tried using it...
  15. '10 Spring Meet - King's Head, Peterbourough. Date - Tba

    Alfa 145 & 146
    I am organising another meet on the 145 forum, thought it be wise to post on here. '10 Spring Meet - King's Head, Peterbourough. Date - Tba - Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum After much nagging from people. . . I have found an old country pub / restaurant in Peterborough. Post Code: PE8 5ST...
  16. i serviced my 156 like a king ;)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just thought i would put up my little service experience i had last night, to share with you all, and to ask 1 question at the bottom. This is what i did. oil change (went with fully sinth 5-40, ready for the norwegian winter) oil filter gear box drain and flush and new fully sinth oil washed...
  17. South West Meet - King Harry Ferry and St Mawes Havoc!

    Motoring Images
    Here's the place to post your photos from today and show the other regions how we do it in Cornwall! Thanks for a cracking day, and my apologies about the congestion in St Mawes, sure the locals loved it! Anyway, thanks again, and see you all at the next one!
  18. King Kev Loses Licence

    North East
    Sack The Board!!
  19. Silver 156 GTA on King St today

    Alfa GTA
    Reg: S6 GTA Yes, I noticed it parked up this morning at around 9:10 whilst driving past it on King Street, Hammersmith this morning. Very nice - anyone on here? Seems to be an enthusiast with that number plate.
  20. What is the closest Alfa specialist in or around King's Lynn Norfolk?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm a 1 week alfa owner so all advice is greatfully received!:thumbs: