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  1. General Motoring Discussion :eek: :lol:
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    Courtesy of Sniff Petrol :cheese: Tilke to open karting centres « Sniff Petrol
  3. South Central
    there is a track in gosport, that does very gd deals. wends 1/2 price before 6pm ( £12.50 each if book 10 poeple) sundays from 4.30 pm £30 for 50 mins trying to sort something out down here n see who is up for it looking to do it around the 1st week march cheers rick
  4. Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    Which is a Saturday from what I see... although I cant remember why we set this event on a Saturday :confused: In any case, it needs to be a late afternoon event so that we dont get fried up by the sun. The venue we said that we would have this event from last February, is Dromolaksia Go...
  5. North West
    All booked for 20/09 :) Charity Karting 20/09/12 We will be having one of our legendary (infamous) karting events on the evening of Thursday 20th September at Daytona Manchester, Slight twist this time in that if (big if I know) our TwinAir & Sportiva demo cars are here this will be the...
  6. North West
    Charity Kart Event, Ladies & Gents (and anyone not covered by that statement) Bauer Millett along with Daytona will be organising and hosting a charity kart event in August, with all proceeds going to a very worthwhile cause Not the most in depth information I know but will hopefully have...
  7. North West
    Right lads, a bit near Christmas, I know, so not expecting a mad stampede for this. Early kick off, 10.30am on Sunday 18th December on the big 3 tier (:wow:) 1000m long circuit at Warrington. Have a look at the circuit here and there's video tour on the website. It looks :cool: About...
  8. North Scotland
    Anybody up for some of this over the cooler months? Then maybe a bite to eat afterwards? Was thinking November/December. If we had an idea of numbers then we could decide what style of event to go for. Kartstart - longest indoor karting circuits in Scotland Never been to this one before, so...
  9. Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    With our third event finished, we need to set a date for our next event. As discussed it will be a Go Kart competition against the Classic Mini Club. Two things we need to know for this event : 1 - The date - have in mind that for those who serve at the army we have TAMS NIKIFOROS to worry...
  10. South Africa
    Has anybody ever built one?! How much work does it entail? Is it easier to try get a frame and take it from there or build your own?
  11. West Midlands
    Game on Guys :D Another fun packed evening of go-karting :cool: Can everyone who wishes to attend Please RSVP with how many will be coming with you Evening Begins at 7pm **Cost will be £38 per person** Deposit of £10 will be required , which I will collect from you at Junes Monthly...
  12. Motoring Images
    Got my new kart the outher day. My old one was abit out dated. The guy i bought it off won the British championship on this thing. PS its the same engine as me old one:) What do you guys think:D The next best thing from an Alfa!
  13. Motoring Images
    A newcomer to karting. Picked her car up today.
  14. Motoring Images
    This is my 125 shifter kart. Not ready to race, still lots to do to it. I built it from the frame.
  15. International Events
    As the current winner of the "AlfaOwner Challenge Cup" for karting (and other ....arting's wink ) I am screwed... errrm honoured, to announce that I will be organising the 2nd installment of this event. The location I propose is either Delft or Eindhoven, as they are the most central place...
  16. Motoring Images
    Hey all, last night I went Kart racing at Eastern Creek Raceway. $200 gets you 4 10lap races and one massive 15lap grand prix, with trophy. We started at 4PM and raced from sunlight, through to dusk, through to the grand prix at night (got home at 8PM), with track lights. It was amazingly...
1-16 of 20 Results