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  1. Ex-Alfa, Maserati man Kalbfell killed in crash... :(

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    Former Alfa Romeo & Maserati CEO Karl-Heinz Kalbfell was killed in a motorcycle accident at Brands Hatch on Saturday 17th August, during the British Motorcycle Racing Club (BMCRC) meeting at the Kent circuit. Karl-Heinz was competing in the Lansdowne Classic Series at the British Motorcycle...
  2. Kalbfell could want Independant Importer for UK

    General Alfa Discussion
    From "Automotive News Europe" In an interview with Karl-Heinz Kalbfell before the Frankfurt Motorshow.... "In the UK, Kalbfell could appoint a private importer to organize the brand's sales. In July the Kroymans Group took over Alfa distribution in the Netherlands. As a stopgap, Kalbfell...
  3. Kalbfell article in Evo

    General Alfa Discussion
    Theres an interview with Karl Heinz Kalbfell in this months Evo. Main points: 1) Wants GTAs to compete directly with M series BMWs and S line Audis. 2) Doubling Alfa sales to 300,000 in next 5 years. 3)159 and Brera might be sold in US. 4) Wants GTA badge to have credibilty.Taking inspiration...