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    1975 GT 1600 Junior in the H & H Classic Car auction in Buxton on Thursday didn't make it's reserve and wasn't sold, a couple of pics to let you see what the buyers missed. I went to the viewing on Wednesday, as usual some very nice motors, see their website for more details and prices.:thumbs...
  2. South Africa
    Hi Guys Im new so be gentle. I have a '74 1600 Junior that is in pretty good condition. Its not perfect though and things like a small dent in the door, and rubbers around the light bulb covers perishing are starting to bug me. It also needs a respray. I dont have the time to do all these...
  3. Motoring Images
    GT junior Concept .................. it may only be a photoshop, but boy does this guy need to go & work for alfa !!!!!!!
  4. South Africa
    I'm going to be looking for some street tires for 14x6.5 steel wheels, research seems to point to something along the lines of the Avon CR6ZZ will meet my desired look/performance. Any suggestions welcome, as long as they are available for purchase in South Africa.
  5. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    alfa gt 1300 junior , with condensor or points problem. by jamie and the magic torch, on Flickr Poor old junior developed a points / condensor problem today. RAC guy tried for an hour. but couldnt fix it. Problem is I just recently spent £280 getting the car set up properly - now I'll need to...
  6. South Africa
    ALFA JUNIOR 2L - Johannesburg & Gauteng used car for sale - Gumtree Johannesburg & Gauteng Free Classifieds
  7. Alfa 145 & 146
    The car isn't mine but I thought it would be great for parts at that price. I tried to post it in "other ads" but couldn't get it to show in there so could someone move it if it needs moving. Ta. ALFA ROMEO 146 JUNIOR in Cambridge | Used Alfa Romeo for sale |
  8. South Africa
    Does this car belong to anyone on here? If not, it's a perfect vehicle for restoration! It's in very good nick, just a little dusty. There are signs of body repairs though (looks like tin worm repairs) on the right rear C pillar but nothing that cannot be sorted out. The pics make the repair...
  9. South Africa
    Does this car belong to anyone on here? If not, it's a perfect vehicle for restoration! It's in very good nick, just a little dusty. Therfe are signs of body repairs though (looks like tin worm repairs) but nothing that cannot be sorted out. The colour is deeper than the pics suggest, my phone...
  10. South Africa
    1968 Giulia Sprint GT --now with Twin Spark--Turbo I have found my first Alfa, purchased locally from a nice oke in Pretoria. It is a RHD 1968 (SA reg 1969) GT 1300 Junior that has been well looked after. Some of you may know the car and owner, he made it his car... so upgrades aren't...
  11. Alfa 145 & 146
    Hi, A while ago I stripped my alfa romeo 145 1.6 down as it was kindly written off for me :( bad times! My 145 had a 1.6 twin spark engine in it from a 147 that ran very very well! the engine had on it just over 47000 miles on it. When my dad and myself fitted it we changed the cam belt with all...
  12. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi Guys, I am about to start installing 4 new springs on my gt junior, they are the classic alfa springs that drop the height by 40mm. I'm guessing quite alot of people have done this so i was just wondering if anybody had any tips? Is it a matter of stripping the whole lot down and...
  13. South Africa
    Sad but check out link to classifieds.
  14. South Africa
    If anyone knows of a good second hand or well priced clutch master cylinder please let me know. My existing one corroded due to standing for a year and the piston is seized solid. I know AK sells replacement parts but at a price ! It is the one under the car (drivers seat).
  15. Alfa 145 & 146
    I've had a look & can't figure out why it doesn't work. By the state of the blade it looks like it hasn't been used in quite a long time. Also appears to be no fluid coming down to wash them although I do get the whiff of washer fluid when I hit the button, assuming it's leaking it out...
  16. General Alfa Discussion
    From Stepnose to the last '75 2000....
  17. South Africa
    Hi, I am looking at buying a 1971 Junior GT that's in pretty much excellent condition. It has been restored and looks great... What should i pay for a vehicle like this? Are parts readily available? Whats it like to own? Looking for some insight into the car as from where i am standing i am...
  18. South Africa
    Took a bit of time, but here it is!
  19. South Africa
    Hi all. Bought this car about two years ago as a project. It ia a 1972 GT Junior 1600. It was taken off the road by it's previous owner. When I bought it he gave me all the relevant papers as well as police clearance for it. I drove it from JHB back to PTA and it ran ok for a 40 year old car ...
  20. Introduce Yourself
    I recently bought an Alfa Romeo GT Junior. I havent been able to find the year of manufacture. I have the VIN which is: AAPV0160330381055 The car as a 1750cc engine but somebody said that the original should be 1300cc. Where can I find all this information? Please Help.