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  1. North East
    I'm passing through Scotch Corner on Tuesday night on my way to York and was wondering if anyone was up for a meet (pub dinner maybe?). Let me know if anyone is interested.
  2. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all.The first South West meet this year is on the 9th June,and i cant make it:( .I've never been to a meet before and would like to meet up with a few like minded Alfa nut's.The Boy has now left school only a few exams in the way of 50 years or so of hard work to pay for his own Alfa!!.:)...
  3. International Events
    The 6c2500/2300B register of the Dutch Alfa Romeo Owners Club SCARB organized a meeting in Belgium and the Netherlands this weekend. A collection of Alfas that will start you mouthwatering immediately. Click here to go to the picture room.
  4. Motoring Images
    The the 6c2500/2300B register from the Dutch Alfa Romeo Owners Club SCARB organized an international 6c2500 meeting in Belgium and the Netherlands, june 1st-3rd (details in English). It was an amazing collection of rare and splendid Alfas, prewar and postwar models. Click here for my pics (or...
  5. International Events
    Northern Italian Night @ Brighouse, Tuesday 29th May I'm thinking about having a ride down. Anyone else going? :)
  6. General Alfa Discussion
    Just thought I'd mention about this months issue. The closest to an Alfa mag, but this month its more ALFAish than usual, a number of Alfa topics. Articles on 147 , Spider & general Alfa one.
  7. International Events
    The largest annual gathering of Italian cars in the UK....who's going from here?
  8. Motoring Images
    Jolly sweaty up here at the moment. Parked up the toys on the drive for a photo (yawn... yes another one!).... ..Aaargh.. this is why i am always broke I guess! Honda CBR 600FS poking its nose in behind the GT. D
  9. Motoring Images
    I can't resist it :cool:
  10. Yorkshire
    Every Year, the Regional sections of the RS Owners Club hold a static show at Lightwater Valley Theme Park. The show is held in a enclosed, grassed space just outside the main entrance to the park and is very good with loads of classic and sporting Fords from the last few decades on display...
  11. International Events
    Few already going, 21st to the 26th June I will be there for the 24/25th follow the link for more info
  12. Northern Ireland
    Hi everyone. It is to be held at Cultra Transport Museum just outside Belfast and they have as good as agreed to let us hold it outside the museum doors on the semi circle which is fantastic. They are not going to charge us to hold the gathering and we are negociating a reduced price for entry...
  13. International Events
    This month's meet will be on Tuesday 27th June. See for pics of last month :)
  14. International Events
    Any of you guys going to be there? Gary
  15. International Events
    My pictures from last weekend. If you require large files of any please contact me at or through the Northloop forum Gary
  16. Announcements & Comments
    This is to allow a site full back up, you can never be too careful... And to test our new feature which will be released end of June 06. This new feature is hopefully phase I of AO moving towards growth. We have put in allot of effort to complete this work, months actually, it is a very useful...
  17. International Events
    Any one going, or will you all be glued to the GP? ;) :p :D
  18. International Events
    right then once and for all, who is going to be there?:D i went to spring alfa day and didnt get to meet any AO members as the meet wasn't discussed enough. this is a great opportunity for us members to meet:D :D i personally will be rolling in with 20+ 155's as we are pre-meeting:cool: but...
  19. International Events
    Any of you guys going? Gary
  20. General Alfa Discussion
    Apparently, according toAlfa Romeo Australia the 159 will be released on 1st June 2006 initially with 2.2 Petrol and 2.4 JTD-m (diesel) and later by 3.2 V6 Q4. No mention of Gearbox options it seems. It is also mentioned that the "station" wagon , Brera and Spider will be released later in 2006