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  1. Dodo Juice Supernatural Acrylic Spritz

    Car Detailing
    After spending £10 on dodo juice's red mist tropical and its not really what i'm looking for this is next product. I will be purchasing and trying this out week. The review on detailing world looks promising but that is a red car and i'm always a bit wary of reviews on red cars as they look good...
  2. DoDo Juice Diamond White Wax & Red Mist Sealer

    Car Detailing
    I have been hearing rave reviews about DoDo juice diamond white wax and Red Mist sealer. I got myself both products last week and spent the weekend detailing, the wax is so easy to use and once hazed remove like normal wax, after a day of the wax curing i added red mist, this is a seal that...
  3. The Expensive Juice

    General Motoring Discussion
    My Brera is my third Alfa, but has been quite a learning curve. She's still "as standard" (no remap or DPF hollow out as yet). I've noticed she has a definite preference to the higher grade diesel - not just giving the expected improved mpg (averaging about 5 or 6 miles per gallon more than...
  4. First time with Dodo Juice

    Car Detailing
    I'm so pleased with the results. I got given one of the 30ml testers for Xmas. I'm gonna convert from AG HD wax
  5. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Vs AG HD Wax

    Car Detailing
    Hi all, As some of you know, I have the HD Wax already but how does it stack up against the Blue Velvet. Longevity Beading Quality of Wax Application Etc Cheers All Hope your all well :thumbs:
  6. dodo juice

    Alfa Giulietta
    cant wait to dodo juice my giulietta , but with all this bad weather ill just have to wait grrrrr:(
  7. Jungle Juice in a V6

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Is it safe to put 97/98 octane unleaded in my V6, if so will I notice the difference? Thanks, J.
  8. dodo juice

    Car Detailing
    Hey everyone.:cool: just wanted some opinions on dodo juice? is it worth the money?:confused: cheers
  9. Who says V6s are heavy on juice

    South Africa
    my car behaving
  10. Dodo juice

    Car Detailing
    Hello peeps need some help I Tired some Dodo jucie wax at the weekend on my Alfa red GT and was very impressed with the results. My question is What is the correct dodo jucie wax to buy for my car! I treid Dodo Juice - Blue Velvet which my freind uses on his black Vectra so im guessing thats for...
  11. Some pics from yesterdays DA detail using Dodo Juice Need 4 Speed.

    Car Detailing - View topic - DJ Need4Speed Enhancement Comments and any advice welcome guys. Its not a very good write up as its just a few threads spliced together:o Phil
  12. Dodo Juice now available at Opie Oils

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    Opie Oils are pleased to announce that Dodo Juice cleaning and detailing products are now available to buy on our website. For a limited period we are giving one lucky Customer the chance to WIN A £90 bundle of Dodo Juice products. We are also giving an additional 10% discount in addition to...
  13. Back to peasant juice

    Alfa MiTo
    Well it's been fun running my Mito on super unleaded for the past couple of weeks, but only because it has been cheaper than standard unleaded (I've been playing only 120.9 per litre). However now that fuel prices have substantially dropped down to 113.9 pl its time to return to peasant juice...
  14. Oh dear.....Kangaroo juice????

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi, as you may know i have only had the car for a few days... a 1999 2L GTV. Love it and expected a few problems but not this soon lol........:rolleyes: Car starts fine, in lower gears it seems to pull away fine and then it holds its stuttering, no misfires or sounds just bouncing...
  15. MiTo gets the Dodo Juice treatment

    Motoring Images
    I've been testing out some Dodo Juice products over the last few weeks for a review feature on my website. Here are the results in images:
  16. Dodo Juice Orange Crush and AG Aquawax

    Car Detailing
    quick question from a novice. I have been using AG Aquawax almost every week now for a few months. Is it OK to now apply Dodo Juice Orange Crush without any cleansing? Having just received a bucket-full (excuse pun) of Dodo Juice products (from NE Detailing) for my birthday I am keen to use...
  17. NE Detailing Dodo Juice Sale.

    North East
    North East Detailing :: Zymol, Meguiars, DoDo Juice, Poorboy's World, Bilt Hamber and Muc
  18. Dodo Juice Sale

    Car Detailing
    Just been on the NE Detailing site and they have 15% off all Dodo Juice products till saturday:D North East Detailing :: Zymol, Meguiars, DoDo Juice, Poorboy's World, Bilt Hamber and Muc
  19. Dodo Juice Supernatural V MiTo Round 2

    Car Detailing
    DJ Supernatural Vs MiTo Round 2 - Detailing World
  20. DODO Juice anybody used it ?

    Car Detailing
    Just ordered a sample wax kit from DoDo Juice heard its really good stuff just wonderd if anybody has used it ?? Dodo Juice - Home of handmade car care.