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  1. john b

    Introduce Yourself
    I am please to say that one of my sons-in-law,(both of which used to drive 156s) gave me this site and I very please that I have done so. I look forward driving my 166 for years to come. John B
  2. Honest John The Dealer ?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    When I got my 159 3.2 q4 ti the dealer told me there were only 6 in the country and 30 in the world of this spec. Don't know if this is true or just Johnny Dealer Speak. Can anyone throw any light on it, don't know why he would lie as he had already sold the car. Not really bothered either way...
  3. Hello from the Reverend John H

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    I've been the proud owner of a red 2.0 TS Spider for about 4 months. No problems so far (!) If it gets through the MOT cheaply, I'm hoping to upgrade the intake and exhaust this year and wheels/tyres/lowering when funds become available. Loving the new car as its the first "decent" motor I'\ve...
  4. John Macmillan

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    Hello everyone, I'm an oldie living in Scotland, I have a 1973 2000GTV Bertone.I bought it 24 years ago, ran it for a year, then laid it up.Now retired it is slowly being re-conditioned. I should'n't have been surprised at the amount of panel repair and replacement required underneath...
  5. John M

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    I drive a white 156 with leather interior
  6. MR Craig John

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    Ahoys,Its Craig here.Im a proud owner of a Alfa 33 1984 1.5 dual carb. i wouldnt trade it for any other car. its cheap on feul,unique to the common golf(and destroys golfs in a dice)even though it does have its down the speedo and feul gauge that no one would even have a look at...
  7. john leneghan

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    Hi im new member.My immediate concern is if members think i should have cam-belt replaced on my 4 year old 156 Veloce.50000 miles on clock.:tut:
  8. John Dakin

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    I have a 2001 156 sportwagon 2.0TS. Current problem is where the clutch does not fully disengage even when pushed fully to the floor. It has gone progressively worse over the last few weeks. Now can't get into gears without revving between gear changes. Booked in at service tomorrow. Any ideas...
  9. Honest John Brera Review

    General Alfa Discussion Interesting mixed review of the 2.4 JTD Brera.
  10. John 493

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    Hi all, Just thinking buying a 156 JTD & doing a bit of research to see what I'm letting myself in for !
  11. John O Groats - Lands End

    General Alfa Discussion
    Would anyone be up for this some time in 2006? Just a silly thought that came to me at this ungodly hour afer my 2 week old daughter decided i shouldn't be sleeping that much tonight :( It's been done hundreds of time BUT could we add some sort of Alfa Twist to it ?
  12. John DeLorean dies

    General Motoring Discussion
    Sad news - John DeLorean is dead, I know he may not be thought of highly in the UK as he is always vilified for taking Maggie to the cleaners :lol: but to me he was one of the greats of our lifetime. A man who was not afraid to dream and...
  13. Honest John: 156 buyer's guide

    General Alfa Discussion
    In the Telegraph today, this review on the 156: What’s good: fabulous styling. Brilliant engines. 190bhp 24v 2.5 V6 a hooligan. Three-year warranty. Gruff but grunty 136bhp 2.4JTD arrived in 1999, offering 224th ft of torque. Sport 1 spec adds carbon-fibre console, bodykit, 1Gm alloys, sports...
  14. John Peel R.I.P

    General Alfa Discussion
    Sorry to have to pass on news of the death of John Peel, veteran BBC broadcaster and Alfa Romeo owner. He apparently died while on holiday in Cuzco, Peru. Regards Joe This is the early Reuters report: 13:59 26Oct2004 Veteran British broadcaster John Peel dies in Peru LIMA, Peru, Oct 26...
  15. John Peel - 147 owner

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Did anyone read the "Me and My Motors" article in the Sunday Times featuring legendary DJ John Peel? Apparently he's an Alfa 147 owner, and I quote: "Parked outside his farmhouse is what he calls his day car, an Alfa 147 which he cheerily admits is too sporty for a man in his sixties but which...
  16. John Travolta's 147GTA

    Alfa GTA
    We'll get some overhead lifters, and four barrel quads, oh yeah, keep talkin, whoah keep talkin, fuel injection cut off and chrome plated rods, oh yeah i'll get the money, I'll see you get the money, with a four-speed on the floor they'll be waitin at the door, you know that ain't sh*t when...
  17. Honest John's opinion of Alfa 156

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Apologies if this has been posted before, but there is some good, honest stuff. I haven't posted it all, so here's the URL: "What's good Fabulous styling. Brilliant engines. 1.8 and 2.0 litre Twin-Sparks are great. 190 bhp 24v 2.5...
  18. honest john

    General Alfa Discussion
    have you all seen honest johns review on the 155 eek! ill have to send the boys round <small>[ 13.04.2003, 00:26: Message edited by: wrinx ]</small>