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  1. Jay Leno's Garage

    General Motoring Discussion
    New series to Dave HD starts 7pm Sunday, could be worth checking out :thumbs:
  2. hey im jay, new owner of a 156

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    hey, I'm jay, I'm a proud new owner of a alfa romeo 156
  3. $350k Fiat 500 - I ask you?

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    Jay Leno's Fiat 500. the new type, has just sold for $350,000 :wow: Is this ridiculous or what? :confused: OK, so it was a charity auction and someone has stumped up a load of dosh so the charity benefits. That is wonderful, of course...
  4. Hey Jay, remember this?

    South West
    You will have to drive it next time instead of just posing in it :lol:
  5. Jay's Jag - From Birmingham to Hollywood

    General Motoring Discussion
    So for a while now, have really found "Jay Leno's Garage" to be a very interesting collection of cars. He really has an enormous passion for vehicles which is entertaining to watch. This "road trip" episode in particular was great. The trials and tribulations of ordering and delivering a new...
  6. Newport (forget Jay Z New York)

    Wales South
    Hey Tess, I saw this and thought of you! :thumbs: YouTube - Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)
  7. Jay W's new bella

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    Well i/we finally got her..... 7.30 this morning we left plymouth and trecked up the Shrewsbury to pick up our MiTo, arrived with plenty of time to spare, in fact we were a little early, but were greeted with this little beauty... It was a LHD model and i'm not sure if it was a final...
  8. Jay

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    I have just recently bought a 147 T spark and after only a few days now understand why so many peolpe are sharing info on there cars as already i have some wierd things going on. The alfa experience is new one to me but I love the car. I am sure that i will speak to many of the site members of...
  9. jay

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    Hi First time on any forum, but i'm glad i found you, i have had a X reg 156 TwinSpark for about 3 years now and not had a single problem, untill now ! couple of days ago i drove home from work, parked at home as normal but when i tried to use it 15 mins later it would not start, it turned over...
  10. interview with Jay W

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    Your Forum name Jay W Real name Jason White Age 37 Occupation Self employed Training Consultant Lives Plymouth weekends / wherever the work is during the week Marital Status Married which cars do you drive and why? Daily drive – Vauxhall Omega Elite / Weekend fun car Alfa GTV...
  11. Jay Leno's Garage - Videos of his collection

    General Alfa Discussion
    Great site with Jay disclosing his car collection, giving a talk about them and then talking them for a spin. Each vid is a 7 mins or so. Heard him mention Alfa a few times but haven't found the vid yet! Heres a link to the site and him enjoying his McLaren F1...... Jay Leno's Garage
  12. Jay Kay's Ferrari

    General Motoring Discussion
    Buy Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay’s Ferrari 360 - Auto Trader UK - News and Reviews Hub Not keen on his choice of green leather interior..and look it has the same steering wheel as a GTV :lol:
  13. Jay Leno's new car

    General Motoring Discussion
    You can see a hint of his jaw in there ;) :lol: The car has 650hp with 541 Nm through a Honeywell LT-101 turbine using bio-diesel. The chassis is borrowed from the Corvette Z06. It's a GM though … :(
  14. Jay Nine plz check your private msg (Sorry about this post guys)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT