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  1. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Calling all the 156 GTA owners!!! Do you need to pay for the ULEZ charge for London? I just bought my car a few days ago, when I was doing the research and finding the cars. I checked a few other GTA from the same year, they are all ULEZ free. But only my one seems need to pay for ULEZ. She is...
  2. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I am looking at importing a gtv from Japan whereby speedo in km. Would be possible to swap the instrument cluster with a UK version? Also would the replacement retain the correct mileage and would it register in miles or km still?
  3. Alfa 164 & 166
    Hello. I recently started a thread in the General Alfa Discussion forum about my hunt for a 166. I took the plunge and bought one with some issues (life would be boring if everything worked as it should all of the time, right?☺). Anyhow, my lovely 2002 3.0 Lusso has plenty of issues and I am...
  4. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi I am interested in buying an alfa from japan. Need to pay up front which worries me. Anyone with experience ? please advise any help would be appreciated
  5. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hello Alfisti, I have an imported GTA and would like to configure my Sony HU to play UK radio however I'm having simple issue of getting no sound at all from the HU. The original HU that was installed was working fine - of course not catching UK radio signal but atleast there was sound. I'm not...
  6. General Motoring Discussion
    An ongoing series to see if I can match automotive requirements with stuff you can get on the Japanese domestic market. First up is the future CRV replacement for Elvis and KB. I give you the 'forward control' Mitsubishi Delicia: D:5 Mitsubishi Delica, The latest generation of Delica AWD...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hi all. My name is kyo. nice to make friend with all of you
  8. Alfa 145 & 146
    Searching gumtree for a little run around I came across a 145 cloverleaf for £500, it looked rough, and for sure the paint aint going to win it any concourse awards, this one was for some reason fascinating as the advertiser had put text on around KM's & Miles, swapping dash out etc etc... It...
  9. General Motoring Discussion
    What's the story on these? I've seen hundreds of the buggers on my road trip through France up to Scotland. Diahatsus, Toyotas and Mazdas all with the telltale square UK reg plate of a grey import car. :confused:
  10. Tuning & Upgrades
    I found some short shifter kits in japan, made in japan, only sold in japan. once i traced the parts number i found kits for most fiat era cars. i decided to buy some to share to the community just in case they ran out or discontinued the kits. Now is your chance to buy something very few...
  11. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My GT 2006 could start the engine, but unable to change gear from N to anything. the workshop checked, suspect the pump pressure is not right, pump had to force itself which contributes the fuse blasted everytime we tried. All of these were being tested and end up Gear stays at Neutral all...
  12. General Alfa Discussion
    Just been looking through ebay and there is a group in the North East who seem to be going to far flung places to get Alfa's and import them. They've a 3.0 spider in that yellow colour for £9k!
  13. Alfa 155
    since my had problems every now and then and i had enough visit my mechanic , im searching for other alternatives to i mean japanese turbo engines which is more powerful ie 4g63, sr20 and etc ..and the maintainance is cheaper then alfa...just wondering .
  14. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Brera ti, nice spec!
  15. Motoring Images
    I thought I'd set up a pics thread to chart my summer with a Honda. Here's the rubbish pics from last week.....
  16. South Africa
    I'm in Mozambique on a work project and everyone here drives around in 2nd hand Japanese market cars. Most of them are rubbish (corolla's with beige interiors and nissan sunny's) but they're all kitted out to a much higher spec than the models in South Africa and every so often there's something...
  17. General Motoring Discussion
    My daughter is a childminder and due to a house move needs an eight seater vehicle. European models tend to be based on Transits, Vivaros and the like. In my search I've found that Japanese imports of a similar price seem to be slightly older but far lower mileage and way better equipped. My...
  18. General Motoring Discussion
    Fair play to them though, at least they've put their hands up to it and not just dismissed the problem as a 'characteristic', :rolleyes: . Huge Car Recall Over Faulty Airbags - Yahoo! Finance UK
1-19 of 56 Results