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  1. Japan spec number plate mounts

    Alfa MiTo
    Hey! I've just bought myself a new registration to go on my '10 MiTo Cloverleaf, and as it's only 5 characters, I thought I'd go for a different style of number plate. (UK) After some googling I decided I'd like to have the Japanese size plates (330x165mm) on both front & rear as I thought...
  2. Alfa sales increased in Japan!

    General Alfa Discussion
    “During the first four months of 2019, or in the period between January and April, Alfa Romeo sold 845 units in Japan, registering a growth rate of + 12% compared to the data collected during the same period last year. Considering only the important models from abroad, which in Japan represent a...
  3. Mille Miglia Japan 2018

    International Motor Sport
    For the Classic Alfa lovers enjoyment. The annual Mille Miglia tour came through my town in Japan this year . Awesome cars on display and they all run.
  4. Hello from Japan

    Introduce Yourself
    Howdy all, I am cruising a 2010 Alfa GT 2.0 Loving it every time I take it out.
  5. Magneti Marelli sold to Japan

    General Alfa Discussion
    "Fiat Chrysler is selling its Italian auto parts unit Magneti Marelli to Japan's Calsonic Kansei (CK) in a deal worth €6.2-billion." Edit:
  6. Magneti Marelli sold to Japan

    South Africa
    "Fiat Chrysler is selling its Italian auto parts unit Magneti Marelli to Japan's Calsonic Kansei (CK) in a deal worth €6.2-billion." Edit:
  7. 166 from Japan

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I came across this on EBay a few days ago imported from Japan , I know they are importing GTA’s but 166’s at this price Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 24v Lusso Auto Saloon RUST FREE EXAMPLE JUST LANDED FROM JAPAN £6,489.00Collection in person
  8. Japan Imports...

    Alfa GTA
    Did we have a clever forum member who was sorting imports from Japan for Alfas.. thinking of a future project and could so with some information
  9. Japan Racing wheels

    Alfa GTA
    Wanted to ask if somebody here has these fitted and able to comment about them? The weight is littlebit over 10kg per wheel for 18x7.5 size. So it is basically 2kg heavier than my current favourite OZ Ultraleggeras 18x8.0. But...
  10. Tonight's specimen from Japan for your comments

    General Motoring Discussion
    Ok, so we have chatted about a few Japanese sports coupes of late, the 300ZX (seemed quite complex) and the 92-ish Mazda RX-7. Tonight, I present for your comment, knowledge and nous, the Nissan 350Z. For a nice and capable sports coupe, it makes a decent case for itself. What can the good...
  11. Special edition in Japan

    Alfa 155
    Hi, all, I just bought a lovely 155 v6. When I picked it up, I found a plaque on the dash that says "speciale versione numerata per il Giappone 157/250". I'm in Japan, is this some kind of special edition for Japan only? I googled it, but came up with nothing in English (or Japanese for that...
  12. No suspension bounce : New owner and member 1996 gtv 2.0 turbo lhd from japan

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi fellows , I am from Canada. I just bought at his car . It is from japan. 75000 Kms, very clean. Original cookie cutters style wheels. No mods other than what seems like lowering springs . The shocks are bilstein. I don't know the brand of the lowering springs. My issue: when I stand outside...
  13. Very Low Mileage GTA from Japan

    Alfa GTA
    A car trader friend of mine from Japan has recently allowed me access to a site detailing all cars being sold through auctions. I am looking to set up a side business selling modern classic sports cars located from Japan. There are two or three very low mileage 147 GTA available. One with 20k...
  14. Alfa Romeo marketing strategy in Japan

    General Alfa Discussion
    Remarkably brave and ahead of time, particularly in a conservative country like Japan. Well done Alfa Romeo! Alfa Romeo Japan Targets Gays as Acceptance Grows - Businessweek
  15. 147 in Kumamoto Japan

    Introduce Yourself
    :thumbs: New used 147 owner here. American EX PAT living in Japan. Bought a 2003 pre facelift 147 2.0 Selespeed this week. Beautiful car inside and out. I am more of a bike person but sometimes you need 4 wheels when you have a family. The Alfa had enough charm and character to make me...
  16. v6 from Japan auto

    South Africa
    fo those of you looking for a V6 motor and you have some balls. These guys have the original 2l v6 turbo engine for sale.. I have only ever seen pictures of these and i cant believe they have in SA
  17. Ferrari's crashed in Japan

    Republic of Ireland
    :cry::cry::cry::cry: The most expensive car crash ever? Eight Ferraris in supercar pile-up - :cry::cry::cry::cry:
  18. Japan crisis - Bose option unavailable

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi All Title says it all really, just placed my order for the QV and the dealer was informed they cannot take orders for cars specced with the Bose Hifi unless you're prepared to wait until November for delivery. Bit of a shame but obviously a tiny inconvenience compared to the reason behind...
  19. Alfa Romeo 100th-anniversary event in Japan

    International Events
    I would like to briefly report on a big event for celebrating the Alfa Romeo 100th-anniversary held on the last Sunday (Oct. 3rd) in Yokosuka City, where is 60 km away from Tokyo. Please see some photos of the event uploaded in the following web album. Picasa
  20. How can I get information from Japan about an import?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I have confirmed via Italy that the Spider Automatic I bought last year after it had been imported from Japan had definitely been originally sold in Japan (I thought it might have been sold originally in USA then taken to Japan) I would like to find out some of its history and perhaps make...