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    Unfortunately a stuntman was badly injured whilst filming the new James Bond movie when the Alfa 159 he was driving collided with a lorry Yahoo News
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    Here are some pics of the stuntmen with the cars used in the Italian car chase scene , Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo 159 for 'Quantam of Solace' at Lake Garda Multimedia | Trentino Multimedia | Trentino
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    :thumbs: New to the forum: Alfa Romeo GTV
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    I might be going completely mad but, I was watching a clip from the BBC about the Stig playing Scalextric and noticed the James Bond poster in the background. It appears to have a 159 TI and an Aston. The poster is definately for Quantum Solace, so question is will it be a goody or baddy car? I...
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    Hi, My names James, i am 19 and current own a Citreon Xsara! :( i know! I am looking to buy a Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 Twin Spark! I have initially joined the forum to put out a general question to all Alfa owners, weather or not they can tell me if the Alfa Romeo 147 have any common faults, i.e...
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    I read somewhere the other day that after all these years of getting exotic fast cars like Aston Martins,Underwater Lotus esprit , Once he even saved the world by stealing a gtv6, I could even forgive them for using two bmw's lately, but now James Bond is going to save the world in a Ford...
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    Instead of watching the whole box set of James Bond, can some one tell me the name of the bond film with the Alfa GTV6 in it? I think it was a dark purple or navy blue one if I remember correctly. Number 2 what is the colour of the GT featured in the link below? (its darker than stromboli grey...
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    James Blunt's "You're beautiful" I really dislike this song. g
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    Some pics of the new baby Aston Martin:
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    As you all know it all happened last Saturday. James and Jenny (J&J) got married in a ceremony that, unfortunately I couldn't attend. But at least, a picture can talk for 1000 words... and that's what you get, a lovely picture of such a beautiful moment. :) Also, and taking advantage of...
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    BBC Top Gears newest presenter (replacing the fat bloke) is an Alien or at the very least a space cadet. Isn't he?