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  1. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi, Ive just tuned in my radio with my i-trip so that i can listen to my ipod, works fine other that a beeping every minute or so? (unbearable to listen to with this!) Does anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it? Not having the handbook doesn't help with my knowledge or how to...
  2. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi Guys, This is my first proper post on the forum. I've recently bought a 2.0 147 lusso. I have a standard factory fitted cd/radio. I have been using an iTrip in my previous cars with no problems. I'm not that fussed about sound quality as I do a lot of motorway driving so can't really...
  3. General Alfa Discussion
    I was given a frankly appalling one for Christmas, one of these: Sendai XF700 FM Transmitter from Halfords Price £12.99 It give a signal that can barely be tuned into, and even when it does pick it up there is no vocals, just base and heaviness!!! I thought it would be nice to listen to it on...
  4. ICE & Blue&Me
    Just got an iPOD Video 80GB at the weekend. Seems pretty cool but don't want to talk about the iPOD itself now :) I wanted to immediately be able to use the iPOD in a couple of cars so I didn't bother getting the Denison ICE Link setup for now (that probably would be the optimal setup for my...
  5. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hello all, I am about to buy a nice shiny new iPod and am hoping to get some input on a decent iTrip to go with it. I am in the process of getting a CD Changer PCB spoofing jobby from Sander but I also will want to use the iPod in other motors. Do any of you out there use an iTrip in your 166...
  6. General Alfa Discussion
    Is it any good? :confused:
1-6 of 6 Results