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  1. Newbie intro' Brera 2.4 JTD

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I pick up my first ever Alfa on Wednesday and can't wait. It was love at first sight and I lost all of my logical brain as I did the deal. Maybe it's the Italian in me or just how the Brera looks and drives that made me like a ***** in heat. Can't wait for it to sit next to my Aprilia Tuono...
  2. Auto Italiana

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anyone on here have any experience with Auto Italiana down in Exeter. Just spoken to them about a Cambelt/variator change etc....the bloke I spoke to seemed really happy and cheerful. No "oooh its gonna cost you" comments or anything, just a very helpful chap. So.....any comments? Good and...
  3. Giornata Italiana 2007 (Norway)

    Motoring Images
    Once a year we have something called the "Italian Day" trackday at one of the tracks here in Norway. Everything Italian is welcome, even DeTomaso's. ;) Anyway.. about 400 cars and 1000 people. Lots of nice cars. The LM002 uses in the area of 3 to 6 MPG according to the owner. :D Album...
  4. "cambelt" Auto Italiana In Exeter

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    After reading loads of woes about cambelts etc, i decided to have mine changed, when i bought the car i was told belts and tensioners were done, at 72000, now covered 77000, i was a bit unsure as the belts in the service book were done at a backstreet garage (not that anything wrong with that)...
  5. Auto Italiana in exeter?????

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    evening all, just wondering if any of you have had any work done at Auto Italiana in exeter, hoping to get cambelt done , any feedback would be great help
  6. la nostra flotta italiana

    Motoring Images
    ...Our Italian Fleet ....
  7. Auto Italiana in Exeter

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello Has anyone had any dealings with Auto Italiana in Exeter ( Need to start thinking about my next service and i'm not to keen on the main dealer!
  8. Sono una ragazza Italiana

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Today, my Bella decided it was time to go back to her roots :D when I got in the car this morning, the Sat Nav system was set back to Italian, and all my preferred settings were gone :confused: I managed to get it back in Dutch with the help of the trip computer. Must say, sounded very...
  9. Giornata Italiana, Norway 16.08.2003

    Motoring Images
    Hi! I have made a "small" film from this event and thought some of you guys might be interested. The film is 72 minutes long and you will probarbly have to like Italian cars more than the average guy to enjoy it. But don't we all here??? Download from this url...
  10. Pictures from Giornata Italiana & National Alfa Romeo meeting 2002 in Norway

    Motoring Images
    This Saturday there was Italian Day at Vålerbanen in Norway. This was combined with the national Klubb Alfa Romeo Norway meeting. I was of course there and here is my pictures: Lots of eye candy and ear candy (not on pictures wink for every Italian car...