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  1. Car Detailing
    I started this car wayyyy back in October, unfortunately things got too damp for me to finish and with moving house, I haven't managed to finish day soon maybe. I only got the top half of her finished with the correction, no waxes or anything. I used my PC with a medium cut Sonus pad...
  2. Northern Ireland
    As any of you NI folk probably know, the Tidy Doffer was destroyed by a fire yesterday. As this was our venue for meets we have provisionally made alternative arrangements to meet at the Templeton Hotel Lounge Bar, Templepatrick at 7.45pm on Monday 3rd March. PLEASE CHECK The NI Italian Motor...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hi! Thought I had better introduce myself as its my first time on the site and I have fallen in love with another Italian and bought myself a 156 2ltr TS and apart from a few squeeks its great! I am a self employed auto electrician and aftermarket accessories fitter with 10 years experiance, so...
  4. Alfa 164 & 166
    I've never been to the Italian car day at St Andrews. I've heard good and bad tihngs about it but I think I’m going to go this year. It would be cool to see the 166’s out in force. (Although Pomeo et al May well turn the day into a car boot sale! :D) So What does every one think? There a...
  5. Wales South
    Hopefully we can get a convoy going on the M4 (starting at Swansea area picking up the stragglers on the way). Below is a link for the event if you want it!
  6. Motoring Images
    I thought you may like to count haw many Italian engineered parts there are here.
  7. Yorkshire
    It's back! Check out the flyer! :D
  8. South East
    who would be up for a ickle drive op nurth?? :D
  9. Wales South
    I have been asked to place a link to the event. It's open to all who wish to go. Follow the link for any info you need or to say whether you will attending or not :D
  10. East Midlands
  11. North West
    Any one fance a trip to Scotland :D Fast Franks doing a bit of a trip to the Scottish Italian Car day :) Have a look if you fancy it post on the Linky ;)
  12. North Scotland
    Please read the following link. If you are planning on brining an italian car to this years Scottish Italian car day please RSVP. To be held 25th of May at Craigtoun Country park near St Andrews in fife...
  13. South West
    If anyone is interested, stick your head through and look at this event :thumbs: Scottish Italian Car Day
  14. South Scotland
    As you will no doubt have seen from Painter Girl's thread the AROC Scottish Italian Car Day is on the 25th of May at Craigtoun Country park near St Andrews in fife. AROC have very kindly extended an invite to to come along to the event. If we can give the AROC Scottish Section an...
  15. South Scotland
    I'm putting together my car show diary and wondered whether we can do the Scottish Italian Day as a club event? We could even get a club stand :eek: It's 25th May at Craigtoun County Park at St. Andrews 11 - 4. Link to Fife Council's information Whaddya think?
  16. Northern Ireland
    Monthly meetings start back tonight at the Tidy Doffer Revarnet (outside Lisburn). All Italian enthusiasts welcome.
  17. South East
    no thread bout it? Brad, you're slackin....... personally i have aranged a different day for our valentines (couldn't get tickets for the show on that day) so i'll be there. anyone else? singles? the un-romantics? those who just like to antagonise their parteners?
  18. South East
    This is by far one of the best Italian Car days you will ever go to :D
  19. South West
    Bristol is to host the annual Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival once again this year, on Saturday 26th April 2008. The event takes place from 11am to 4pm. The event brings together some of Italy’s most desirable and charismatic cars and bikes into the historical city centre of Bristol. As with...
  20. Introduce Yourself
    HI all.very first time on the forum.have heard good things about it.i am living in ireland and am currently driving a ford puma.nice car but a bit impractical.(shared with ex-girlfriend)seeing as im now free of the bloodsucker im in the market for a proper mans car!am looking to buy a 156.either...