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  1. Spider 2.4 jtdm - Cambelt w'pump change - Ital autos closed

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello i am in the process of buying a high mileage 2.4 jtdm Spider 2007 - it has done 70k since its last cambelt change - what should i expect to pay & where is best to take it ? i have previously had alfa's and ital auto's used to do my work - but he has closed i think - does anyone know...
  2. ITAL AUTOS (CHESTERFIELD) Gone but not forgotten..

    General Alfa Discussion
    I would like to confirm that Ital Autos is no more.. :lol: and to be honest I am glad. That bloke has done nothing but rip me off from the day I met him, and stupidly trusted him to look after my car. As a result, and other than an engine rebuild that I don’t think he actually did.. (his word...
  3. Ital Autos - thumbs up all round

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just had my cam belt done on my J12 by Tony at Ital Autos in Chesterfield. Took her for a blast around the peak district on the way home (slight detour but well worth it :) and she's running and sounding sweet. Can't recommend them enough. Quick and super friendly service. Cheap too! Will be...
  4. ital auto

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    Hi Guys Anyone had any dealings with Italauto in Chesterfield? My Cambelt has just killed my lovely v6 engine and im thinking of buying a recon from Ital as its probably cheaper than getting mine repaired... any feedback? Cheers Mark
  5. Ital Autos....any good? Please please help

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    Dear All, I have a problem with my Alfa Spider and may need a new/recon engine. I am wondering if anyone has used a company called italautos? I have put a link below of their services including supply and install of a recon engine however I am hoping a few of you may have used them before and...
  6. Great service from Ital Auto's, Chesterfield.

    General Alfa Discussion Home Today my 156 1.9 M-Jet went in for a 48k service before I sell it :thumbs: . Tony, the owner, took my keys from me, loaned my his '02 V6 156 FREE OF CHARGE and then let me pick the car up out of hours! Top bloke, top job, excellent value TOTALLY recomended. Shame on the...
  7. Thanx Ital Motors Chesterfield, Plz read.

    General Alfa Discussion
    I have a panoramic roof om my Fiat, which at 17-30 tonight decided to lock whislt wide open. :cry: I quickly shot off down to Ital motors, I was goin out me mind, thinkin im gonna be totaly boned this time of night, no garage to store it in and no way of closing the roof, However, Tony at Ital...
  8. 156 Back from the dead - Thanks Ital Autos!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Ital autos have resurrected my 2.0TS 156! Following a bottom end failure and a completely twatted crankshaft, I thought it was curtains for my beloved 156 - but a but of research here led me to chesterfield. Ital Autos picked it up, reconditioned the engine and delivered it back to me in fine...
  9. Huge!! thanks to Ital Motors n PA Cars..plz read.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys, 2 days ago I took my 156 down to Ital Motors for a routine inspection, just to check out the garage for future use. The Boss down there came out and had a listen to my car and had a quick look over it, after listening to the engine he said 'Nice motor slight grumble from the crank at...
  10. Zymol Ital

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just ordered some of this, has anyone tried it ?
  11. Ital Design Coupe concept v Nuvola

    General Alfa Discussion
    Which would you chose.The Nuvola wins by a whisker for me!