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  1. 166 leather IRL

    Alfa 164 & 166
    ..chaps we have a nice black leather interior if anyone's looking for one. it's currently in Dublin which won't suit everyone (shipping would be more than it's worth), but if you're anywhere...
  2. New to GTV6 ('81) ownership in Cork, IRL

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello All Just picked up my second Alfa yesterday, having a great 130 mile drive home with her, (already known as Maud...), its a 1981 Alfetta GTV6: split dash, with green interior, red paint with sunroof, Campagnolo alloys, and the smallest sports steering wheel you've every seen. The car is...
  3. Have I met you IRL? NOS stylee...

    Poll Room
    try again :lol: following HM's poll this got me thinking...
  4. Have I met you IRL

    Poll Room
    I've met so many nice people IRL because AO was here for all of us :) So have I met you in real life :) BTW this is a public poll :D
  5. Unregistered 156 GTA (2009 not SW) IRL

    General Alfa Discussion
    Its been on sites for a couple of years or so Alfa Romeo 156 3.2 V6 24V GTA - 49995 - Used Cars on - New & Used Cars in Ireland If I was loaded (as in stupid monies), I still could not hand over this inane amout of money. Fluids sitting etc.. what should one look out for when...
  6. IRL & Champ Cars unite

    International Motor Sport
    Good news, hopefully open-wheel racing in the US will go up a notch :) BREAKING: IRL and Champ Car unification agreement signed - Autoblog
  7. mosney show (irl)

    General Alfa Discussion
    ..shouldn't be posting while druk so i'll keep it short; anyone going to the classic show in mosney tomorrow (11th)? just got the TB back on the road.. :D
  8. Stolen Alfa GT, Enfield Co. Meath IRL

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hey guys, could any of you out there in cyberworld keep a lookout for a silver Alfa GT that was stolen from my boss's house last night, the reg plate is: 05 C 6055 its a silver 1.9JTD, with red leather, 17" spoked alloys and all the extras. at this stage it could be anywhere, including across...
  9. For alfa155 irl

    Motoring Images
    Hope this works
  10. I have met her finally IRL and now ...

    General Alfa Discussion
    ... I am convinced the Otto Cilindri Competizione is the most beautiful Alfa Romeo ... ... ever (personal opinion)
  11. 360 Stradale IRL

    Motoring Images
    OK, I wasn't lucky enough to be able to afford it, let alone qualify to buy one. But the real thing is here at the Thailand Int'l Motor Expo. (And it is sold.) Maybe difficult to spot the car, but here: Full of carbon fiber...