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  1. The Technology Section
    My Mum has an iPad and wants to be able to print from it. There is a printer in the house and it is attached to my Dad's computer that has a windows OS. I did a quick search and Apple tell me that she is likely to need an airport express to facilitate this. Assuming that's the right widget...
  2. Motoring Images
    First beta-install, will be good.
  3. The Technology Section
    Can anyone resolve my issues, particularly with Facebook and youtube, if I want to comment on FB I touch the box and whatever is underneath then takes over full page, I hit the 'x' and try again and it works perfectly...... Right until the next time I want to comment !!!!!!! If I reply to...
  4. General Alfa Discussion
    Just downloaded the Alfa Romeo UK Magazine app for the iPad, good but looks like its never been updated since 2012!
  5. The Technology Section
    ...If so how does it perform? Ever since I upgraded my gen 1 iPad Mini it has been painful to use, I really wish I'd stayed with iOS 7 and there's no way back. I'm thinking of getting a Mini 2 to replace this with, but if the performance aint great I might look at something different. Main...
  6. The Technology Section
    At last we have Word for apple hand held devices, available in the App Store. FREE!!!!!
  7. The Technology Section
    ipad air 2 promises "best tablet display you've ever seen" | what hi-fi? [Comic book guy] Best tablet display ever [/Comic book guy] Allegedly :D
  8. The Technology Section
    Came across this that reckons it can speed up web browsing by blocking ads SpeedMeUp » Adblock for iPad & iPhone Whether it speeds things up is negligible but what I found interesting is the amount of whitespace now on websites where content that looked like the site used to be but was...
  9. The Technology Section
    Our son dropped one of the iPads and no visible damage but is it history now ?
  10. The Technology Section
    Hi guys, i am moving company's and they will want there ipad 2 back shortly. Any recommendations what to replace it with.
  11. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi All.. Its been a dream for me for a while now (since iPad Mini was released) to have a fixed install into my dash. the iPad mini is almost a double din size, and in some cases cheaper then the double din/dvd/gps units available. obviously its not going to fit right in, and will require...
  12. The Technology Section
    This Christmas I am going to buy an iPad. There are 4 options available. As I'm a technical numpty, could someone advise me please. I want a full size one, but which is best value for money? iPad 2 - 16Gb wifi only is about £299 iPad 4 - 16Gb wifi only is about £380 iPad air - 16Gb wifi only is...
  13. The Technology Section
    so... santa's going to bring daughter no.1 an ipad for christmas, but he wants to know whether he's best getting an ipad 2, or for £70 more, a new ipad air she'll be 10 in january so will use it constantly for playing minecraft, going on youtube, fannying about with pictures & videos, and...
  14. Alfa MiTo
    Hi I'm picking up my new Alfa Romeo on Wednesday. Does anyone know if it will connect via bluetooth to the music on my iPad mini? Thanks
  15. The Technology Section
    When I log in using the iPad 2, the WOT/Rant/Technology, all 8 bits of it are not there, is it me, the iPad or just one of those things...:confused:
  16. ICE & Blue&Me
    So after spending many an hour searching for a way to use my iPad mini in my GQV without it looking like a mess I came across a guy on google images that had used magnets to mount his iPad on his dash so I thought if give it a try and share with my fellow Alfa owners I took off the brushed...
  17. Insurance Section
    We've been running a SALE with some of the other car clubs/forums we have partnered with and it has proved very popular. As insurers seem happy for us to continue going lower than we normally would to sign up car enthusiasts, we'd be mad to stop it now. The idea is that where price is the only...
  18. The Technology Section
    No idea how long this will last but if you add an Ipad 4 to basket and apply discount code SIXOFF60 then go to checkout/register and use referral code ZV13708842 ....takes it down to £308.99 .......... Worth a look if your buying an IPad Only works on the white model...:confused:
1-18 of 55 Results