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  1. Check your internet speed....

    The Technology Section
    ....with no fuss, no faff, no effing adverts, and fast:lol:
  2. Scam on Internet Alfa

    South Africa
    Hi all, You guys probably know that I really want a spider. So I went online and did some searches, came across a scam from colonel Gavin Clarke. Basically, I just played along with him. Actually quite fun. Here are the emails Gavin, I worked for Lockheed Martin in Germany base. At the...
  3. Sagem internet radio stopped working

    The Technology Section
    Seven years ago, a Sagem internet radio came my way for free. It's a Dual Radio 700 and it's worked fine in my kitchen for years. Three weeks ago, it stopped picking up any t'internet radio stations, yet i can pick them up just fine on my macbook (although, that said, about a year ago, the radio...
  4. Dongles

    The Technology Section
    Hi all, I am considering getting a dongle for my laptop, pretty much so that I can surf on here / facebook / BBC etc. whilst on the train to work / wherever. Does anyone use one? If so Who supplies it? What sort of payment plan are you on? How much does it cost per month, or do you use pay...
  5. I was looking around the internet and I found this

    General Motoring Discussion
    EPIC........ :thumbs: Maserati 250F Recreation » 4Star Classics
  6. Help needed on Internet Explorer

    The Technology Section
    I am getting very frustrated. I have recently renewed my licence for Kaspersky Internet Security and updated to Internet Security 2013. Ever since my browser, Internet Explorer, has had a serious case of the slows.:( It is taking minutes to load any page although it get there in the end. It is...
  7. My Internet Explorer 9 has gone bandy!

    The Technology Section
    I'm writing this via Firefox - some of you will say 'that tells me everything I need to know' :lol:. OK then, here's what happened: I run Windows7 64-bit (I'm pretty sure). Yesterday I loaded up AVG 2013 Free Antivirus (I used AVG 2012 Free Antivirus successfully last year, along with...
  8. Internet dropouts on wifi

    The Technology Section
    This is an issue which has been going on for 2 years, dunno why I'm only just posting about it. It's a bit of a long one I'm afraid. It all started when a god chewed through my phone cable. This got replaced by BT. The dog then chewed through the new one. I replaced it myself (and later found...
  9. New laptop won't connect to internet

    The Technology Section
    This evening I collected a Dell laptop that I had ordered online from Sainsburys. Don't have wi-fi set up yet so plugged in the blue ethernet cable from my modem and expected to just be able to connect using Internet Explorer which is loaded on the laptop. Not happening. As soon as I boot up I...
  10. Virgin media V+HD Box and the internet

    The Technology Section
    I've spotted an ethernet port on the back of my virgin box and I'm wondering, if said cat5 cable is plugged from router to back of V+ box, can I access the internet? :o
  11. Tyre question - Internet tyre sites.

    Alfa GTA
    I've been looking for a couple of tyres for my Ford, black circles, tyre savings etc. some tyres have the same specs as what I'm after, but are badged as being say for BMW, or Mercedes, or Lexus etc. Are these tyres different? As the price is often cheaper than the non-branded version of the...
  12. In terms of Product Placement.....

    General Alfa Discussion
    ......Probably not the best for the 156 haha!! A truly awful song also btw.....
  13. Scheduling Internet

    The Technology Section
    Hope some one can help me with this, as it's not something I've ever actually done before. A friend has become worried about the amount of time she spends online lately, she's noticed that with her new laptop (she used to use the library for net access) she can easily waste most of the day...
  14. Plusnet/Madasafish customer service

    The Technology Section
    A short word in praise of the above. Apparently they're the same co now, but separate and share customer service/tech support. I tried contacting the Madasafish support people years ago (been with them 9 years through utter laziness on my part) when I got sick of <500kbps speeds. It went to...
  15. Internet Safety When Skype Is On Line.

    The Technology Section
    I use an External Drive for Back up and ensure that I'm never " On Line " when I use this so as to avoid getting any potential Downloaded nasties on it. However I do like to leave Skype on all the time and wondered if access to the External Drive by the Un Godly could be done by them using the...
  16. The internet died earlier

    The Technology Section
    Just in case anybody was wondering OpenDNS > System (also available at :)
  17. Internet News

    Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    Following Bertone Museum Liquidation, many prototypes will be Auctioned on the next RMAuctions event, which will take place on 21MAY11. During this auction among other cars one of the most beautiful prototypes ever made will be auctioned. The Lamborghni Marzal. Another car that will be...
  18. I was browsing the internet and I found...this

    South Africa
    I was browsing the internet and I found...this ALFA ROMEO 156 V6 : 1999 For Sale Kwazulu Natal Quality Classifieds | Junk Mail Nice mags! are they painted? little on the dark side of the force ...but i like it..
  19. Internet buying sites

    Alfa MiTo
    Has anybody purchased a new car via the internet sites i.e Drive the deal; Buy a car;broadspeed etc. Looking to purchase a Mito Multiair through this scheme but -unsure of how safe, reputable they are. Any information anybody can supply I will be very grateful. Prospective Mito owner. Gary
  20. Internet buying sites

    Introduce Yourself
    Has anybody purchased a new car via the internet sites i.e Drive the deal; Buy a car;broadspeed etc. Looking to purchase a Mito Multiair through this scheme but -unsure of how safe, reputable they are. Any information anybody can supply I will be very grateful. Prospective Mito owner. Gary :)