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  1. Is my JTS the "old" or "improved" version?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My 156 is registered in 2004 so I was wondering if there are any engines codes printed anywhere on the car to confirm which version of 2.0 JTS my car has. Second question - There are 2, 2.0 JTS Engine codes 937A1.000 and 937A2.000 I am assuming A1 is the "old" and A2 is the "improved" JTS? And...
  2. Has your life improved since the changes???

    Poll Room
    Have the changes introduced recently to the way chat / drivel threads are dealt with on AO made your life on here more fulfilling ?? Or has it made you sad. Perhaps it hasn't made the slightest bit of difference.
  3. improved performance!!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    just wanted to thank all of you who have recommended red dot racing. after being a little disapointed with the performance and fuel economy of my brera 2.4 MJD I decided to take my car for an engine remap after reading a few posts recommending red dot..... what a difference! not only has power...
  4. Improved customer relations from Alfa Dealers

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well, I started looking for a spider a while back and all of teh dealers returned every call. I purchased my bella from Meridian Milano in portsmouth and was very impressed with their service, sales dept top notch all calls returned as promised. (Manfred excellent work). Since purchasing the...
  5. Who's having pancakes tonight (improved poll)

    Poll Room
    Let's have a bit more detail, shall we?
  6. improved performance after cambelt change?

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    Hi everyone Newbie here, so go easy. I got a real peach with my second hand 1.6 147 lusso (thanks to everyone on here for telling me what to look out for). I got some money off because the cambelt hadnt been done (it had only done 38k miles when i got it, but still we all know the deal). It...
  7. Improved turning with Coil Overs

    Alfa GTA
    Is it just me or does the turning circle (in particular when parking etc.) improves after coil overs have been installed?
  8. Alfenia: MPG has improved

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    As many of you know my 3 months ownership of my 2.0L T/s 156, called Alfenia, has been a *testing* period for me. I have had many issues with this car, mostly related to lack of power when cold or lack of performance when on the move. To summaries my findings: 1. Dirty MAF/AFM, cleaned up 2...
  9. Improved: Which member has the most contributing, ontopic replies?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Forget about the old poll, with this one you can choose more names...
  10. Hugo = the improved throttleman

    General Alfa Discussion
    Today (day after the 147 meeting) Hugo thought about it in the early morning ; And decided to have his car tuned by AutoDelta, at the very spot were AlfaOwner, MrT, Jano, Wimster, Eve, Mel + Marcia, Hugo & I had spend the night. SO officially, Hugo is now the IMPROVED THROTTLEMAN laughing
  11. New improved fuel.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Has anyone on the forum tried the new Shell unleaded petrol? It's supposed to provide better performance and smoother running. I'm not big on gimmicks but I was tipped off about this by a good friend who has a Fiat Coupe and lots of people have been raving about this on their forum.