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  1. Darn, Finnish importer drops Alfa, Fiat...

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    Local importer announced that they are dropping Alfa, Fiat, Jeep and Chrysler after 2014. These marques have always had a rough time here but this disheartening newertheless...:confused: Can't totally blame them, the model lineup of Alfa and Fiat leaves a lot to be desired. People fancy...
  2. Dutch importer for Alfa Romeo bankrupt

    General Alfa Discussion
    What will our Dutch friends do now?
  3. Kalbfell could want Independant Importer for UK

    General Alfa Discussion
    From "Automotive News Europe" In an interview with Karl-Heinz Kalbfell before the Frankfurt Motorshow.... "In the UK, Kalbfell could appoint a private importer to organize the brand's sales. In July the Kroymans Group took over Alfa distribution in the Netherlands. As a stopgap, Kalbfell...