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    Re: Whose the greatest ever F1 driver ? How easy..... Taki Inoue!
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    tekst 123 slike 1 2 3 4 5 6 naughty told you to ignore :D bold tekst italik tekst border tekst
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    Hello? Anyone there ??? See Bazz it doesn't work :D
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    Hi all I've mentioned before about the large chunk of paint missing from my front bumper, and I've thought of the various solutions, preferably cheap ones, but I'd never thought about actually just getting the bumper re-sprayed, as I always thought it'd be far to expensive. However, last night...
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    Just checking... Ignore - Don't ignore? That is the question. Zee
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    Just testing Rare Bear Avatar
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    I know this isn't very positive and it will no doubt upset a few members but I would like to start the ball rolling by nominating the 146 1.7 16V as the worst, followed by the 33 Permanent 4 and the 155 Q4. Reasons: 146 1.7 - slow, noisy, rough, uneconomical and unreliable - looks like Volvo...