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  1. Blissfully ignorant or worrying knowledge..

    Poll Room
    Companies are offering full body scans where they look into you and tell you whats wrong or things they might find. There are also firms that offer DNA testing which would show up things that might happen in the future. Question is, Would you want to know especially if there was no cure?
  2. Quick help for ignorant owner needed

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    right i need to 'top up' my engine coolant. From the outside of the reservoir it looks blue but on inspection it is virtually transparent. Can i top it up with more blue coolant or should i flush the system completely? Or should i be using the pink stuff as under the bonnet it recommends...
  3. Ignorant Alfa 156 Owner

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    hello everyone, I bought an Alfa Romeo 156 2001 two months ago, unfortunately i dont have the manual and there are a lot of things i do not understand, here is a list of a few: - A little red light in front of the central air vents, it light up the other for about 5 seconds. - A strange round...
  4. Most ignorant when waiting in line at the post office?

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    Spent half an hour in the post office picking up a parcel. Big long queue. Woman in front is talking to someone, the old ****er behind taps me on the shoulder to tell me to move forward, I indicate that the woman in front is first. He just goes past both of us. What a ****! SO are old people...