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    hi all, I'm on the hunt for a nice Series 4 Spider, so if anyone sees or knows of one for sale, please let me know! Must be: RHD In good order Owned by enthusiast prefererably red or black many thanks, V6 [email protected]
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    Hey there, I am after your thoughts, due to a recent change in circumstances I find myself no longer in need of running a diesel, my GT has been a superb car, I've done 20k in a shade over a year and I can't stop singing its praises, OK its not the best built motor in the world but for a diesel...
  3. Alfa 155
    I`ve noticed today while parked at work that the tickover on my 2.0 8v is quite lumpy and hunts from 800 rpm to 1000rpm. It hits 1000rpm, stays for a mo then drops to 800, then rises again, then after a mo drops. seems to have a regular rythm. Also, with this problem I have a poor running from...