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  1. Human nature. It's a funny old thing.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Just noticed in the driver's door frame a sticker saying to replace the airbags after 10 years. Now's there is loads of paranoia about changing cambelt after 3 years but hands up all that have renewed a potentially life saving device. Just wondering.
  2. Which sick human did this to their Brera!?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider :cry:
  3. rearward facing parts of the human anatomy . . . .

    General Alfa Discussion
    Put the car in for 2 front tyres this morning (place shall remain nameless) Went to drive away and noticed my front footwell mats were raised. Going to pat them down they wouldn't oblige. Had a look under and the car has been jacked up on the box section under the floor - not the jacking point...
  4. Cursed human being

    Introduce Yourself
    Yes , I am just making it official that I too am cursed with the Alfa disease and now own 3 of these problem children , an Alfa GT , an Alfa 147 & my first born child , an Alfa 33TI IE . I wish my genetic makeup was different but I just have to stick with them despite their very often naughty...
  5. Are we human?

    Poll Room
    Or are we dancer?
  6. Human Flame Thrower

    Motoring Images
    Carefull after having a good curry !
  7. Ever driven over a human?

    Poll Room
    ... meaning, have you ever hit anyone with your car? if so, did the one being hit survive? :confused:
  8. Max Human Height for a GTV

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I just wondered what you guys reckon max height someone can be to drive a GTV. Im 6"2 and sat in one quickly and wasnt sure if i was a good fit or not. Head slightly touching roof, but didnt have time to adjuts seat properly etc
  9. Is your car human ?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Certainly female. Not really to do with personality, more to do with expense, hassle and lack of ability to be without.