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    Hullo folks. Hoping to make contact with local Alfisti here in N Devon. Been a member for some while, although that was while driving a Mondeo. Am now able to participate properly, having just bought another 156. Hope to hear back from others in this neck of the woods Richard
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    Hey guys. I've just bought myself a 2003 156 TS Monza (2.0L, 6 Cylinder) - imgur: the simple image sharer Previously I was driving a boring Toyota Corona and decided to get something more interesting. So far it drives great with just a few issues that I need to work on :) Hopefully I'll get a...
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    thought i'd better introduce myself, as about to be an owner of a Spider 2.0 TS Lusso 1996 i feel proud and nervous at the thought of owning an Alfa for the first time. I hope to get some thoughts on this car and its strengths and weaknesses from this Forum. Regards Steve
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    Hi I have just taken the leap and bought a 2001 156 1.6 Veloce in Alfa red. I have always liked Alfas, but have been driving dull german tanks (Audi 80, BMW 520) and laughable british rubbish (Rover 420) for a while. When my last car died on its arse, i decided to look for something a little...
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    Thought I'd better intoduce myself....and my love....a red 159
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    147 gta owner in the beautiful city of edinburgh (nearly as nice as my gta) how many other scottish owners of 147 gta's are there ??
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    I am Nick, I and my wife have a 147 (2005), first Alfa for many years. Both love it and I am looking at a 159 or a Brera for me. Love the handling of the 147, but did not like the 159 manual gearbox, so looking for an Auto 2.4 to try out. Need a 147 wheel as Pauline hit something. Seem to...
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    Hi all, nice to find a welcoming web page for my Alfa questions. Currently running with a 166 T-Spark which I am more than happy with as a replacement for my 164 which was sadly rear ended and BER as the technician put it. I look forward to pestering everyone with my questions when I manage to...
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    I'm Ben, I'm in West Yorkshire, and I'm in love with my 166 Twinnie!
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    Hullo, I drove a GTV TS for 3.5 years and a GTV Cup for over 4 years, had two Sprints before that. :D
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    Hi - This is my first post, having owned my 2.0 147 for just over a year now - long enough for someone to dent the door (the price you pay for those 'clean lines' I suppose), get through over 2 litres of oil (which the dealer has advised is 'normal for TS engines') and have the hand brake...
  12. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Picked up my new (Ok 2000) Alfa 156 2.0 TS on tuesday and its stonking. A few niggles though...Air Con is bloody rubbish..and it keeps turning its self on :rant: but I'm in County Durham so thats not a big deal I suppose!! I nearly wet myself when I came bombing down my "lets see how fast I...
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    huLLo all alfa owners!!! im only 17 n juz bought myself an alfa 147 2.0 GTA 2003... i've got sum questions i hope sum of u cud help.... EXTERIOR:- d 147 is standard n im currently thinking of changing d rims... bt i really dont know wat size wud fit... im thinking of getting a 19" inch O.Z...