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  1. Air hoses

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Goodmorning, Is there somebody who nows the diameter/across of the air-hoses going from the air-box to the engine and from the air-box to the air intake place hidden unther the bonnet. Also the lenght would be good to have. I'm going to replace those hoses with alu hoses and need the specs for...
  2. Samco hoses

    Alfa 155
    Has anyone fitted the Samco silicone coolant hose kit for the Twin Spark? I have seen it advertised as LHD only fitting - is there any difference under the bonnet in terms of layout on RHD cars?
  3. smoking coolant hoses!

    Alfa 155
    Noticed smoke billowing from under the hood tonight,so had a look and the two coolant hoses that lead into the bulkhead for the heater were up against the exhaust manifold heat shield. Smouldering away like a good un' eek! , whats the best thing to do with them, wrap the hoses in some heat...
  4. Changing the brake hoses.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hey gang, Have any of you changed to Autodelta braided brake pipe hoses. I am about to order these and I'm worried sick that I will need to have some sort of pump to bleed the brakes as you do in some cars. Can any body please fill me in on this? Also can anybody tell me if the GTV 2.0 TS comes...
  5. for sale two front (new) brake hoses 156

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    if interested I have two brake hoses in box for my 98 156 v6,might fit others too.There have been reacalls on brake hoses good idea to replace.Pair is $38 (US)with mailing.
  6. q4 hoses

    Alfa 155
    Has anyone fitted silicone hoses to their Q4? I'm after some samco type cooland & turbo hoses but nobody seems to make them. Does anyone know where I can get some? I need a fair few inc some of the general pipe work & small bore stuff. Cheers, A
  7. Braided Hoses

    Alfa 155
    Hi Guys, Well i eventually got my braided hoses after waiting over two weeks to recive them from Goodridge. Should be having them new dics and pads fitted this weekend. Hopefully should stop pretty good when all this is dome. Has anyone else had braided hoses fitted and if so how do...
  8. brake hoses

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Well I finally fitted them. And first impressions are very good. Hope to give them a good test late tonight on a favourite road of mine! I'll do a report on them on my site very soon. Thanks to Steve Webb who pretty much did the whole thing. He made it look very easy. And even threw in a a few...