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  1. alfa on its way hooray

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Having lamented the sale of my gt, plunged into purchase of a 2005 156 2.4 which i was glad to be rid of as too many problems and now eagerly awaiting delivery of a 2008 147 collezione on Monday. this needs a rear drivers 1/4 glass and tailgate glass, anyone know were I can get these to fit my...
  2. hooray found good tech help from proper guys

    Introduce Yourself
    hi i am a newbie owned my alfa 156 18 tspark 02 for 6 years now found loads of help from this forum great advise from other alfa folk just changed my front upper wish bones today what a pain bolts in wrong way round but not anymore:)
  3. Hooray for Red Dot!

    General Motoring Discussion
    Went with my brother in law to Red Dot today. Took his BMW E46 325ci for a remap. Paolo told him not to expect too much of an increase. Anyway, did a run to see what the engine was pulling. 196.3bhp and 190lb/ft of torque. Same as when it left the factory 8 years ago. We left him to it for 2...
  4. Hi, I'm Adam & I've just driven my 1st Alfa! Hooray!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I'm Adam, 40, living in the East Midlands. Just bought my 1st Alfa 156 Sportwagon off of ebay of all places and having driven it home upon collection I can't stop grinning from ear to ear. Fantastic! Looking forward to more drives soon. Always viewed the car as a classic for design and...
  5. Hooray!! The dent is improved!

    Motoring Images
    I don't know if any of you have noticed in the myriad of pics I've thrown up of my 147, but there was a dent on the boot door (where the 147 lettering would be). This kind of damage to my car is the thanks I get from idiot people who park in the car park I work in. I work a 12 hour shift, come...
  6. HOORAY! He's not getting an Alfa!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    :thumbs: Having now owned my 159 for a few days short of a month - it is still the best looking car in our company's car park!! :thumbs: BUT it was almost joined by another Alfa as one of my colleagues came and saw me the day before I picked it up and told me he had been thinking about an Alfa...
  7. Hooray!!! New brake Upgrade.

    Alfa GTA
    :) Its taken me about 6weeks to get here! Posted my first thread about my warped disks and many of you replied. All explaining about the different sized discs and calliper upgrade available from Alfa. Took my bella to White Quay, Reading. They confirmed the discs had warped, but would not...
  8. Yet another selespeed question (hooray?)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi! I recently talked one of my colleages into buying an Alfa Romeo. :D He found a gorgeous black 2001 156 SW selespeed - he's had it for a couple of weeks and is very happy with it. I saw it for the first time today - and I noticed when idling that the selespeed pump was building up...
  9. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Great stuff!! I picked up my 'new' 155 today, replacing the one that expired a couple of weeks back. Very nice car too - thanks Phil :D
  10. My Selespeed is fixed :) Hooray!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    The garage rang me about 4:00 UK to tell me it's all done at a cost of (would have been if not under warranty phew!)£577.78+ vat for the new actuators and £197.53+vat for the new selespeed pump again PHEW!! plus labour just short of a grand, gulp. They told me intialy it was just a relay and a...