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    Hi everyone, Went out yesterday to buy either a BMW 1 series, Volkswagen Golf or and Audi A3, but instead ended up falling in love with a Grey 2010 60 ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA 2.0 JTDM-2 VELOCE 5d 170 BHP Cannot wait to pick it up on thursday. But in the mean time plenty to read on here :)
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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm from UK(Derbyshire). Just bought my first Alfa, a Guilietta 2.0 JTDM Lusso. Last two cars Fiat puntos. Fancied a change to be honest. Spent years over on the fiat forums and thoroughly enjoyed my time over there. Hoping to have a similar experience here.
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  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hey all I am based inJohannesburg South Africa and recently purchased a 2014 Mito QV
  5. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hey all, my name is Tim H, I'm a new member. I love Alfa Romeo & have previously owne Hi everyone, I recently bought a 156 JTS. It's had a knocking noise from day 1 which has got worse. I've replaced the Anti Roll-Bar Links as was suggested but to no avail. Looking on this site there's a post...
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    Hey! I’m Tim, I just bought a 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0 JDTM 2. Thought i’d join as it’s always useful to get advice when needed! Absolutely love driving the car, was a complete BMW lover before but when I drove the Alfa I was pleasantly supprised by what it had to offer. ?
  7. Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hey everybody heeeeeeeeelp can’t open boot. ? Hi there,can anyone tell me how I can access my 159 saloon boot. If you hit the keyfob button I can hear something moving but it doesn’t pop up.Found a boot release cable under back seat pulled it but nothing happened. It’s an 07 so doesn’t have the...
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    Hey I'm tony from Cardiff, I've had a 147 for 10 years now I've just purchased a GT ?
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    Long Time Alfa lover first time Forumer
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    Long time Alfa owner, currently on my third.
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    I'm new to alfa's after admiring the 159 for a lot of years thought it was about time I got one so I did
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    I recently bought a Alfa Romeo 159 JTD turbo diesel and needed some help, so I decided to join up with this lovely website. Regards, Stan
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    hi all am new here, I have a 147 1.6. I have some questions to ask ad many pics to show. chat soon
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    Just managed to re join,was Gqv666 now just Gqv66? Anyhow hope everyone is still enjoying their alfas!
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    Hi guys, My name is Daniel and I just bought my first Alfa two weeks ago. The model is the Alfa Mito 1.4T 155hp. IT's from 2009/11 with only 75000km (sorry don't know in miles :) ) I'm leaving in Netherlands although I'm Portuguese. I found this forum via google actually I wanted to see how...
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    Nice to join you all on the forum. I've just purchased a Brera 3.2 V6 which I'll be picking up this weekend after a little service and MOT. Looking forward to getting to know some of the faces around here and getting to know a little about these quirky but amazing pieces of engineering that we...
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    Hi Alfa new here u can call me Nozi...owning alfa 147...
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    Hey, This is my first post, just signed up to the forum as im on the lookout for a diesel Alfa 159. I've began researching the 159 JTDM Ti 1.9, 2.0 and the 2.4. Im leaning towards the 2.0 engine for general all round use and lower tax, plus with the 170 bhp engine ive still got good power, im...
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    Hey :) 23 years old lived in Dudley west midlands all of my life. always had major love for Alfa Romeos and recently purchased a 15 plate Giulietta 1.4 multiair 170 QV line. I absolutely adore it already. such a beautiful machine. anyway look forward to speaking to you all Stu