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hesitation or misfire

  1. hesitation/misfire wehn cold and MCSF

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all Got a problem with my 147 2.0 TS (sillyspeed) occasionally when cold starting driving off car judders and is sluggish for about five seconds, it illuminates MCSF which remains on, cant remember fault codes but descriptions are Lambda probe bank 1 partial load Lambda probe bank 2 partial...
  2. Hesitation/misfire pt II

    Alfa 155
    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I posted a problem with my 155 2.0 8 valve which I'd thought I'd traced to a poor connection to the Lambda sensor. Well, the problem has come back. I've fitted a new sensor and I've replaced the large inlet hose because it had a split in it, but its still the same...
  3. Hesitation/misfire

    Alfa 155
    Hi, I'm a newcomer to this group, having recently bought a 1993 155 2.0 8 valve skinny as you guys call them and have owned Alfas for a number of years. Anyway, the 155 is great except for one thing. When you try to pull away in first you have to slip the clutch a little to get it to take off or...