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  2. General Motoring Discussion
    So I think the gist of it is, the heritage department are restoring and selling off some rare cars to finance scouting activities to buy more rare cars to replace the ones they just sold,
  3. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    just read a couple of today's posts over on the BB. Apparently the new "centrodocumentazione" of the archivo storico website is up and running.....what our old friend Marco Fazio graciously used to give us for free now costs 20 euros it seems: Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board & Forums - View Single...
  4. South Africa
    So LR have just announced that they've made the Freelander 1 an LR heritage vehicle. Latest Landy Heritage 4x4: Best-selling Freelander 1 | Wheels24 What this basically means is they've committed to keep on supplying parts for these cars for the foreseeable future. Why oh why can't AR do the...
  5. South West
    Hi guys this event was suggested at a club meet and it looks to be worth a trip out one sunday morning. here is some info about bicester heritage Bicester Heritage has at its heart a vision: to secure a robust and dynamic future for historic motoring and aviation, the businesses that serve...
  6. Motoring Images
    Some photos of the Aston Martin Heritage Museum that I visited yesterday. This is a car called buzzbox.
  7. General Alfa Discussion
    The future of Alfa Romeo Who could not love the direction the company look to be going. This will be very exciting in the years ahead. This has to be the first corporate release I've actually read from start to finish. Apologies if this has already been posted, a quick search suggested not.
  8. South West
    Heritage Motor Centre Join us on the Heritage Rally on the 22 June 2014, from the Heritage Motor Centre to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. The Rally, in its second year, is open to Classic Cars 20 years old or older. Starting at the Heritage Motor Centre, then it makes its way through...
  9. General Motoring Discussion
    I was lucky enough to have a private tour of the Vauxhall Heritage Store today. May not sound that glamorous but there was some interesting stuff there. Few of my favs below, unfortunately only had the camera on the iPhone.
  10. Lincolnshire
    Here's an Event that some of you may like to attend. Don't think I'll be going although it does look like it could be a good day out. Just follow the Link and RSVP as per usual. :thumbs:
  11. West Midlands
    A new date has been set for this popular late summer (previously Autumn) event. The superb facilities ensure a great family day out. Hundreds of cars from all the Italian car clubs will be on show in the main display area. In addition to the excellent motor museum and film theatre, there is the...
  12. East Anglia Auto Italia Autumn Day @ Gaydon Hertiage Motor Museum 6 September 2009 (more info here: Heritage Motor Centre - Auto Italia) Any the EA'ers going. Seasider is planning a convoy if...
  13. South Central
    This will be South Centrals meet. And what a meet it'll be! Auto Italia are hosting an end of season Italian car day at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warkshire. This is a good chance for AO'ers to get together at the most popular motoring venue in the Midlands. In addition to the...
  14. West Midlands
    Autumn Italian Car Day is the end of season opportunity for owners of Italian cars to get together. The show has a large turnout of Italian exotica including cars from the Lamborghini Owners' Club.
  15. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys and girls, Which is the best one to go to? I have a choice out of the two. I'm into modern and classic cars. Which has the best turn out of Italian cars? Any experiences? Thanks, Adam.
1-15 of 16 Results