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    Hello from a newbie from Greece! :thumbup:
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    Hi Im Mark and Im an Alfa Romeo owner. Its been almost a year since I turned from the dark side. I own a 2003 Alfa 156 JTS manual in black. Tan leather lowered and after market rims. looks devine but quite often drives me barmy. Since taking her on have replaced Thermostat, 2 x 02 Sensors...
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    Hi! My name is Konrad, and i have 159 2.4 '06 from few months. In this time a made a little ECU remap, (225 HP, 500nm) and few more "little things" :) Hi everyone!
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    Hello everyone, first post here so i will try not to waffle on. Im from Staffordshire,got myself a 147 collezione,in white with the extra black paint, lovely car ,up till now.Previous Alfa i owned was a 156 2.0 TS. I love a bit of AC/DC, KISS, SABBATH, PRIEST etc, huge Leeds fan!!hope that...
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    I made it here after a year with my 147 sele a wonderful relationship that started as a one month stand in between insurance settlement for a written off japanese thing ..Now i just cant imagine driving any thing else my car is just a work of art, a work horse and a very nice place to be and it...
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    Newbie here although not sure I'll be officially welcome without actually owning yet! Got the cash stashed and on the search for 147jtd so will pop along to the tech section for some guidance.. any help v.gratefully appreciated as my typically selective & stubborn searching is making the job...
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    A big Hi from Coventry, soon to be an Alfa 166 owner so sure this site will be my next best friend lol!!!:lol:
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    Hi Just joined, on the verge of purchasing a 147 TS 1.6 Lusso saw the site thought must join!!:thumbs:
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    I am completely new to the Alfa world! I moved to France from the US a few months ago, and just bought a 2005 147 150 selective 5 door. I found this site during the research process (needed a resource in english!) and thought I should join up. I hope to be active (because I love the car, not...
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    well ive already posted a question on this forum but i think its time i said hello HELLO!!!! well after a few years driving landrovers its come to the time i got my self something more praticle and more of a drivers car!!!! after looking for a good DERV i came across an alfa 156 which both...
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    Have my alfa about 6 months now, its a 2001 156 2.4 JTD with the red momo interior :cool:
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    Not an Alfa owner yet :( , looking to do so in the new year to replace my RX8. Found this website while looking for info. Pretty cool!
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    Hey guys how you all am. Let me take the honour of introducing me lol!!;)
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    hi all just popped over from the 155 forum i sold my green 155 a few years back and now on the look out for another missed getting her back a few months back from ebay :cry: cya around Mac
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    Hello peeps! :) Bit of a cleaning nut so hopefully can be of use for tips etc!
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    Hi, just to say hello. Right, off to find the best place to pose a question... :cool:
1-16 of 16 Results