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  1. Giulia Veloce goes Haywire... then is easily repaired

    Alfa Giulia
    This Sunday had numerous warning lights come on Check parking brake, airbag off, collision avoidance warning light, and the seat belt alarm sounding even though all belts plugged in. Obviously start to worry about Gremlins in the heart of the engine that will be a pain to sort. So called...
  2. dashboard gone haywire

    Alfa Giulietta
    Today on starting up all the warning lights were flashing, no guages working, no indicators, odometer flashing. After a couple of restarts back to normal apart from odometer. Ten mins driving and flashing stops. Plugged in multiecuscan at home and found- u1700 no body computer, u1706 nfr node...
  3. Basic Rear Bulb change now haywire!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Everything was working but I came across some new bulbs so I decided to replace them, what a mistake! The left side is now not working and I have tried bulb replacement, other bulb holders, I have had indicators working, not working now working but I am also now without a rear left number plate...
  4. 156 Climate Control System gone Haywire!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    The Climate Control system has suddenly got a mind of its own. You set a temperature and then it fluctuates, tending to HI with the blower on max and the air direction going all over even with 20 degrees outside! Even with the Aircon on, it stays cool for a while then switches off and the temp...
  5. Electrics gone haywire, help!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, My dear old 1996 GTV TS electrics have gone weird, the rear fogs don't come on at all and the fuel guage is full one minute and empty the next. I can just about live with this (until MOT time Mr Plod!) but yesterday the windows packed up or rather go down but not up again, when the...
  6. 159 2.2 JTS Internal control panel system gone haywire

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi, I'm a newbie from Malaysia & have owned my bella for the past 2 years. The problem I'm facing is that the the radio, air-cond, cabin lights go off and on everytime I drive. Even the dashboard indicators & meters go bonkers. The message I normally get is Vehicle Protection System is not...
  7. 147 alarm, window,locking controls gone haywire

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all, I'm just after having a new battery fitted, now the key fob only intermittently works, sometimes after working there is a delay and either the indicators flash again and usually the windows desend slightly or all the way. If I only turn the key in central locking, sometimes the windows...
  8. Electrics gone haywire!

    Alfa GTA
    Argh my car seems to be having some sort of electrical mid-life crisis. Random and variable symptoms over the last couple of weeks as follows: 1) Sometimes starts perfectly and no problems. 2) Sometimes starter motor turns over for a good few seconds before she fires up. 3) Sometimes starter...
  9. 166 Revcounter going haywire

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi, this is my first post. I am looking to buy a 166 which I am having inspected by Gerry Campbell of TI autos in Dublin. My only query is- the car's revcounter needle jumps randomly from 0 to full scale all over the place- Can anybody advise on how serious this is and on how to repair it...
  10. Propeller gone haywire??

    Motoring Images