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  1. Mito hatchback boot lock

    Alfa MiTo
    This has a part number of 50513866 and is stamped Alfa Fiat Lancia , does anybody know if this part is common to any Fiat models as I'm having difficulty in sourcing one
  2. 147 Hatchback - boot closes fully - won't lock

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Guys It's a while since I need to ask for any advice - may just be lucky at the moment. However, its regarding the old lady's 147 (53 plate) and the boot that won't lock shut. Done a search and a bit of information around' but nothing definitive. The boot closes fully but doesn't lock. The...
  3. 5 door hatchback for her indoors

    General Motoring Discussion
    So, after suddenly deciding she DID quite like the idea of having my G Veloce, fate has intervened and a fellow club member paid a deposit on the car today. So, she's now got to chose a car, and the shortlist (written by me!) is: Seat Ibiza MG3 Fiesta Pug 108 Toyota Yaris I actually think...
  4. Sud Hatchback For Sale.

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    I'm an ex Alfa owner been looking to buy an older one again and would like a few pointers about a 1983 Hatchback 'sud for sale locally. I'm considering going to see it and would like to know where the most likely rot points are. Everywhere? It's not been run since 2012 and looks to have had...
  5. Brera Hatchback popping open

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi I have started to find that my 2006 Brera can open the hatchback all by itself, leaving it unlatched. I have no idea why, of course. Luckily, like everything on this car, the hatchback door is heavy so I have not had anything fly out of the back while driving. Anyone suffer the same or...
  6. ALFA ROMEO MITO Hatchback?

    Alfa MiTo
    ALFA ROMEO MITO Hatchback? Does this exist here in Cyprus. If yes, then please help find a dealer that is selling this model as I wanna buy it for my fiance. Help? :cry:
  7. ALFA ROMEO MITO Hatchback 1.4 TI

    Introduce Yourself
    Looking for an ALFA ROMEO MITO Hatchback here in my place Paphos, Cyprus. I want to buy a car that looks like this model. Any suggestion on what car dealer to choose? :):):)
  8. Plastic loop on hatchback door.

    Alfa Giulietta
    Just wondering what this loop is for.
  9. Caught Testing: 2013 Dodge Hornet hatchback - Spy Shots

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello from the USA. I found these spy shots on the Road & Track website about a new Dodge Hornet being tested here. Does it look familiar to any of you? 2013 Dodge Hornet - 2013 Dodge Hornet Hatchback Spy Photos on Cheers, Jeff Dallas, Texas, USA 1994 164 LS
  10. I now own a rare Junior hatchback

    South Africa
    Mishap over the weekend led to crumpled behind.I can't discuss details online until settlement is made, but will divulge afterwards. I need a good panelbeater who won't want to break my back financially or refuse to look at the car. Just waiting for insurance to get back to me. Can I take pics...
  11. 2001 ALFA ROMEO 147 2.0 TS Selespeed Lusso 3dr Hatchback good buy or not?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    hi guys first post on here so any advice would be much appreciated. looking to buy my first alfa but not sure if this is a good buy? im going to have a look at the weekend and would love to know what to look for. i've done a fair bit of reading so far and i've picked up a few things. the car...
  12. Mito 120/155 the fastest 1.4 litre hatchback?

    Alfa MiTo
    With 0-60 at 8.8 and 8 seconds for the Mito 120TB and 155TB models, does that make it one of, if not, the fastest 1.4 litre hatchback? When I was looking at alternatives to the Mito, most of the 1.4 engine cars from the likes of VW/Ford/Toyota are 10+ seconds to 60.
  13. luckely we only get the hatchback here :)

    Motoring Images
  14. Hatchback 155???

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys, Found this on Autotrader website. They've absolutely no idea have they? web page Mark. :D