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  1. Classics on the Common - Harpenden

    Meets & Events Images Here is a selection of the 1200 cars on view at this very popular event. The reason they are on Facebook is that it is far easier to post piccies there as no resizing is required and there is no...
  2. Harpenden classics on the common - wed 27th july

    South East
    anyone going ?
  3. Classics on the green Harpenden

    South East
    Short notice i know peeps but only just found out myself. This is quite a large show with 1200 cars attending on Harpenden Green, Wed 28th July from 3p.m. Classics on the Common
  4. Classics on the Common - Harpenden

    Motoring Images
    After last years rain soaked event............:( Here are a few pictures of this year :)
  5. Unknown Classic Car show near Harpenden

    General Alfa Discussion
    Jamie Seeing as the common is less than a mile from where I live I think I`ll manage to be there.Especially as I pass 3 pubs on the way.... ;) Last year the event was so big ,that this year,you have to pre register if you are going to display your car.It pretty much bought little old Harpenden...