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  1. Harald Wester comments on the crash test articles

    Alfa Giulia
    I saw this linked to in another forum and it sheds some light on the recent news about failed crash tests: All the gossip from the Geneva motor show | Top Gear "We ask him about a report in a well-sourced industry newspaper that the car was delayed because it failed crash tests. He looks TG...
  2. Alfa Romeo boss Harald Wester: "We are starting from scratch"

    South Africa
    Alfa Romeo boss Harald Wester: "We are starting from scratch" | Autocar
  3. "Rear drive for all" says Harald Wester

    General Alfa Discussion
    In Quattroruote the boss of Alfa/Maserati says the following in an interview at Geneva "If others have thought, better for us: I really like the idea of ​​being the only ones to offer a C segment sedan rear-wheel drive." Word of the number one of the Alfa Romeo, Harald Wester, who responds...
  4. Harald Wester's view of the German opposition!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Maserati Chief Harald Wester Wants Cars with Soul "the guys I mentioned earlier, are damn good uniforms. Close to perfect pieces of engineering. Good for us they have no soul. They’re f***ing boring. They don’t transmit anything." Well, that's an honest and straightforward answer!