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  1. Happiness followed by sadness - love Alfas

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi, Since buying my GTV TS in Jan the engine light has been on. Last week finally got it sorted by cleaning out the MAF sensor - light out and running lovely - much quicker and smooth running. Took it out yesterday, engine light back on, reduction in power and whilst going past a wall heard...
  2. Happiness is an old Busso...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Some of you may remember I borrowed a 156 V6 about a year ago and it made a bit of an impression... Well nearly twelve months on, I now own the car in question. She has been a willing...
  3. A few pics of my car

    Motoring Images
    Just a few pics of my car after the new exhaust and alloys
  4. 30 years of happiness

    Introduce Yourself
    Sorry it took me so long to find you all. Found you at the Guinness Book of Records thing at Epsom. In the Alfa Romeo Owners Club since the 80's, I can't fix cars so don't ask. Maybe showing my age but I have had 7 Alfa's, my first car was Alfasud JCD829N. In the old days Alfa drivers always...
  5. Alfa creates happiness

    General Alfa Discussion
    A couple of things happened to me this week The clutch completely failed on my wife's beetle. On the side of the road waiting for the RAC to turn up, every car whizzed by some even sounding their horn or giving me dirty looks. Then a woman in an Alfa 147 stopped and asked if I needed any help...
  6. Money can't buy happiness

    General Alfa Discussion
    I felt so smug today I had to tell you all, I work in the Historic Restoration sector, (English Heritage and the like) and spend alot of time at stately homes and country manor houses, today I was at a rather large estate in Ripon, now I must be discreet for obvious reasons but I am sure if by...
  7. Happiness is an ECU reset

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Ok this afternoon i reconnected my battery and went through the long process of re-starting i.e turn key to just before cranking engine enter ics code yada yada, then test drive alfa style - result car feels so much more responsive not just the gearbox but the engine as well. Also didn't get...
  8. After 8700 km's of pure driving happiness, I can conclude the CD/radio of the 159

    ICE & Blue&Me quite crap. It has no MP3 (I do have it with my Blue&Me), no random play, no repeat function, no CD Text, no memory play from CD's. Blue&Me is great, but I sure would like to meet the moron that figured out the MP3 player can only be controlled from the steering wheel and not from the...
  9. What is happiness?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Need help to make up my mind. Would you be happier driving a personal 95’ 155 Q4 or a new Alfa 147 (2.0) (optionally a 156 1.8 TS) as a company car? Having both is not an option.
  10. Happiness is a warm car

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, Bloody cold out there, -20 C in Espoo/Helsinki and the wind doubles it. Genuine -40 C in the North of Finland. My Alfa started this morning with the second attempt though I have electric warmers. Moans and groans for the first five minutes. It breaks my heart. But after 10-15 mins the car...