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  1. What will happen to F1 at Sliverstone

    International Motor Sport
    I don't mean to jump the gun, but earlier today it was announced that Silverstone was not on the prelinimary list of the F1 calendar. :( I have enjoyed GP at Silverstone since the 'mud bath', and I was generally quite impressed. It would be such a shame if it were to removed from the...
  2. What'll happen to your ship when you die...?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Not too morbid... :D I'm assuming a strange world where you'll all still have your 155s when you're 150 AND they aren't either worthless bangers :rolleyes: OR vastly expensive classics. :cool: Just bear with me...
  3. Would this happen in the UK?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    See thread from Irish motoring site... The NCT here is the equivalent of the UK MOT.
  4. cheap alfas or disasters waiting to happen?

    General Alfa Discussion
    These cars are advertised locally, and it just seemed cheap to me. And no Im not buying them just thought Id mention. Anyone who reads the East london/Anglia Auto trader will have seen this company, its called East coast salvage. These cars aren`t salvage, usually just ex company/ lease cars...
  5. 10.000 posts!? What will happen to my account?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Some of you say I'll get the counter reset to 0 and I'll have to start again. Right... :rolleyes: Will that include my golden cloverleafs? What do you think? Give me your opinion please while I wait for the ceremony. wink
  6. Guess it had to happen eventually ...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    9:45 - Happily watching the guys and girls sing for survival on fame academy (well it was a particularly dreary Sunday evening this one :) ) and I hear a car alarm in the distance ... is it mine? God yea ... eek! Yup, for the past 9 months there's been no trouble at all (except for...
  7. does this only happen to me ????

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    every morning i leavethe house and go to work (at the minute in durham) however whenever i come to a junction or a roundabout 50% of the times people flip the finger or shout thinking i have not got my indicators on. I do of course indicate, but cos the silly sods automatically expect them to...