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  1. Hidden door handles

    General Alfa Discussion
    Not only has the new 159 not got the hidden rear door handles, the new Seat Leon has! :( :rant:
  2. New Civic - hiden door handles

    Motoring Images
    While Alfa retreats from using hiden door handles on new 159, guess where do Honda designers take their inspiration from......
  3. Will the new 156/7/8/9 have hidden rear door handles?

    Poll Room
    Will the new 156/7/8/9 have hidden rear door handles? :confused:
  4. Dodgy Door Handles

    Alfa 155
    The drivers door on mine is sometimes very difficult to open, at the best of times you have to pull quite hard but when the window is down it gets really difficult, makes me look right an ar5e in the car park :D :mad: this is opening the door from the outside BTW. Using the handle from...
  5. creaking rear door handles

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    hey, just remembered another problem i had a few weeks ago :D was opening the left rear door and the handle CREAKED badly. i thought it was only a once-off thing, but no, it kept creaking every time i opened the door :mad: i tried spraying WD40 (the natural alfa-fix :D ) inside the handle...