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  1. Alfa 164 & 166
    The classic wheels section of the local rag had an interesting article on the 166. I didn't agree with all of it but an interesting query sprung to mind. They stated "the decision not to upgrade the 3.0 litre version to comply with the Euro IV emissions regulations meant that in 2005 the 166...
  2. Poll Room
    You cannot deny the fact that Lewis Hamilton is a very talented driver, but is he a tool?
  3. International Motor Sport
    I think he's certainly shot himself in the foot and face. Twice. What are folks' opinions on it then? Oh and Perez is replacing him at MacLaren! :thumbs:
  4. Poll Room
    This is probably only of interest to F1 fans, but whose fault was the collision between Webber and Hamilton at Singapore?
  5. International Motor Sport
    Apparently "Lewis Hamilton has been charged with 'intentional loss of control of a motor vehicle' " down under. "intentional loss of control"?? :confused: Sounds like a contradiction in terms to me. How can you intend to lose control, unless you're on a kamikaze mission?
  6. South Scotland
    As the title says, i am selling my 3G Iphone if anyone is interested. I have been offered £165 from Mazuma Mobile online but if anyone wants it for the same price, let me know. I will be getting rid this week so PM if interested. :D
  7. South Scotland
    Here's a chance for AOS to strutt their stuff! Please RSVP below and also PM P17sut with your name, contact number, the model, year and registration number of your vehicle. The form has to be returned by July 3rd so please let Phil know by June 29th :thumbs:
  8. International Motor Sport
    Hi everyone. Does anyone know what garage Lewis Hamilton race from last year:confused: IIRC, he started from the last garage due to the Mclaren / Ferrari cheat scandal but then Force India came into play so it could have been the last but one garage. Also, didn’t he get moved up during the...
  9. International Motor Sport
    It's that time of year for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Lot's of worthy candidates i.e Joe Calazaghe, The Olympic winner's ..and Lewis Hamilton. But i have read and discussed with freind's about the Hamilton Backlash where people are saying he only won due to his car etc. What do you...
  10. International Motor Sport
    Lewis Hamilton will be appearing at next months Race Of Champions at Wembley!!! However, it's not in the Hamilton vs Schumacher battle that many had hoped for.... Hamilton vs Hoy
  11. International Motor Sport
    :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
  12. International Motor Sport
    During last week's Grand Prix the ITV commentator stated that mail sent to ITV indicated that Hamilton was not as popular as might have been imagined. I can understand that fans of opposing teams and drivers may not be amongst his greatest supporters, but is there any cause to beleive that there...
  13. International Motor Sport
    2008 Chicagoland Indy Racing finale
  14. Motoring Images Sorry for posting a link and not the photos! Toby. :)
  15. International Motor Sport
    Oh dear oh dear................:confused: :confused: :tut:
  16. International Motor Sport
    Oh dear, he's been a naughty boy Hamilton loses licence after speeding - Yahoo! Eurosport UK
  17. International Motor Sport
    This time in BBC Sports Personality of the year........ I guess he needs to get used to it.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. International Motor Sport
    I suspect the results are somewhat reversed in the UK.... ==================== Hamilton unpopular in Spain Wed 05 Dec, 08:29 AM British 2007 runner-up Lewis Hamilton has spent much of the post-season period so far collecting prizes and plaudits following his rookie Formula One campaign. But...
  19. International Motor Sport
    It really brings it home how good this guy is when you see him put the "reasonably priced car" around only 0.3s slower than the Stig and only 0.1s slower than Mansell - except the Hamilton's lap was WET and the other two bone dry. Jaw dropping talent. Big respect.
  20. General Alfa Discussion
    Hamilton takes Top Gear challenge Lewis Hamilton squares up to resident Top Gear driver The Stig Formula One star Lewis Hamilton is to swap his multi-million pound, 230mph McLaren to drive a modest family car for BBC Two's Top Gear show on Sunday. Who reckons the odds are he won't beat...