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  1. UP for sale again haha

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Yes it's back again. The Italian starsky and hutch car. Was £795 a few months back and now its £3,275. Is that how much a carp twinny appreciates in just a few months... waw!
  2. Custom Induction (or stay away?) / MAF / Flat Spot Advice (Friendly please haha)

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all, I seem to have been on here a lot lately, but on the plus side of bugging you lot... its a friendly place to be! haha I have recently made a custom induction to fit the Cloverleaf (all kudos for this must go to Twanspider as I followed his instructions and advice. His write up on his...
  3. Hello from sunny (haha) Scotland

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everybody Well I'm new to the AO forum so I'm following the code and just introducing myself. As you'll see the user name is Jengasan....don't ask, but I have this on a couple of other forums that I'm on so it saves me getting confused in my advancing years :D I also answer to Al...which is...
  4. Now this is how to sell a car haha

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
  5. Haha, how many Cups..?

    General Alfa Discussion
    :lol:Just been browsing through Autotrader for 3.2 GTVs when something caught my attention... Not saying who it is... one dealer selling two GTV Cups (two seperate adverts) can't decide how many were produced:confused:... You'd have thought they had done their homework:wow:. Take a look...
  6. Haha the Indian make-over's here!!

    Motoring Images
    The much awaited (!!!) Tata-Rover-wanna-be-Metro-aka-Cityrover's here!! eek! and MG-Rover also decided to shower us with another novelty... not THAT bad innit?! :D
  7. 147 study, haha

    Motoring Images