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  1. Veloce TI -> replacing passengar air vent

    Alfa Giulia
    Hello all! I have a problem with passenger (right side) air ventilation - picture attached. The problem is that it cannot fully close and you fill clicking sound when turning it left or right. Something is probably broken inside. It cannot be fully closed, when you rotate all the way left -...
  2. Bosch ABS 2Si -> 5.3 conversion

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hello Everyone! I wish to inquire about a possible conversion from current and faulty 2Si system (0265204001) to a possible 5.3 system. What I wish to achieve is a newer model that I can diagnose later on with MES, since my current 2Si does not support it, and I can even find out what the heck...
  3. Squadra tuning 280 > 320

    Alfa Giulia
    Just read that Squadra tuning in The Netherlands have now completed the tuning for the giulia 280. As it already delivers 310 hp and 461 Nm, there was not too much gain to be achieved, however, after tuning it's 320 Hp and 490 Nm. A number of other things are also tweaked. A setting : old 200 Hp...
  4. Celtic Tuning of Quadrifoglio 503BHP -> 585BHP

    Alfa Giulia
    Hello Forum Has anyone here tried Celtic Tuning's Quadrifoglio ECU remap? Many thanks everyone :)
  5. steering rack compatibility 156 GTA -> 2.5

    Alfa GTA
    I can see posts indicating that 156 & 147/GT steering racks are not compatible, so I may as well ask here first before committing ... Will a 156 GTA rack fit the steering column of a 156 2.5? What about the track rod ends? Thanks
  6. Quad --> Dual exhaust

    Alfa GTA
    Hi Guys, looking at a 147 GTA - would be great to be back in the fold.. I've been pretending to be an alfa owner with GTV's and , 156 2.5's and a 156 3.0 SW for the last couple of years. One Q - it has a quad exhaust - how easy is it to go back to dual ? Is it a new bumper job, or is there an...
  7. 147 JTDm 16V 150BHP -> 170BHP log

    Tuning & Upgrades
    147 JTDm 16V tuned to about 170BHP (plse examine the log) Hi, See post #6 or OK here is the new log in 4th and 5th gear with cleaned MAP sensor
  8. Alfa 156 2.0 TS flywhell --> JTD

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I am planning to put 156 2.0 flywhell and clutch on Punto JTD.Punto have a push type clutch,but I can t find which type is on ts.Does anyone know can it be mounted on JTD?
  9. Meet > Drive > Pub Lunch on Sunday 13th March

    South East
    Sunday 13th March As per the title, we'll meet up at a couple of locations and have a drive through the Kent and Sussex Countryside and finish up at the Vine Inn; Tenterden. Meet Point #1 Meet at 08:00hrs at Notcutts Garden Centre in Maidstone, J7 off M20. Bearsted Road, Maidstone, ME14 5LH...
  10. Engine Swap TS -> v6 - Alfa 156

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys. Recently i've decided to do an engine swap on my '99 Alfa 156. I love the car and i've invested a lot of effort in making it factory new but i've always felt the lack of power in the engine area. Original engine is 1.6 TS which i've tried to tune up a bit by installing 2.0 camshafts...
  11. Blue&Me > USB > iPhone 4 > Music - how to ...

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Hello all. Appreciate Blue&Me doesn't support music over Bluetooth so wondered if anyone had experience with a successful link via the USB port to play music from an iPhone 4. 2010 Alfa MiTo and an iPhone 4, specifically, running iOS 7.1.2. My understanding is that the MiTo must be updated to...
  12. MAF cleaning > how to remove the clips ?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello > hesistation at around 200rpm after new ERG on 159 JTDM. After reading here I took the electrical connector off the MAP sensor. Now car is driving "normal" > so looks like the issue is the MAF !! Hoping a good clean of the MAF works otherwise a new one seems to be pricey :cry...
  13. What GTA's are made for !>

    Alfa GTA
    Well just drove the old girl to Poland ( 1016 miles one way ) what a drive !, ran flawlessly and talk about looks at the service stations ,esp in Germany .Took less than l expected .will be back in October then off to Neds for a freshen up . All in all great car ,great drive !. Happy days !...:D
  14. Loch Lomond Run Reminder > Next Sunday

    South Scotland
    Hopefully the nice weather will return by next Sunday ....just a wee reminder folks :)
  15. Center console (1999 > 1998)

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi Alfists! This is my firs after introduction and here goes; My Spider (-98) is pretty clean overall except the center console. Some previous owner has ruined it with propably wrong chemicals, because the original coating is gone and what´s left is some sort of sticky gluey. -99 came the...
  16. 156 > 147

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just traded my 156 1.8TS in for a 147 2.0TS. I just got the 156 running right and fancied a change. So far there are around 100 problems on the new 147 so it should keep me nice a busy through the coming months :)
  17. 147 > Giulietta > Brera

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello, I've had a 147 and at present a Giulietta (2011) and now am contemplating switching to a Brera because I've always wanted one! A few questions: Has anyone made a switch from Giulietta to Brera? Do you think this a wise move? What spec should I be looking at? My Giulietta is the 1.4...
  18. Gearbox, diff & transfer box recommendations HERE >

    General Alfa Discussion
    Getting the right oil for gearboxes, diffs and transfer boxes can be tricky, so please ask here if there is any information that you need. To help us to give the most accurate advice possible we do need some information about your car. e.g. Make: Model: Year: Manual/Auto: Performance...
  19. 2.0JTDm 170 Veloce -> 1.4tb Lusso

    Alfa Giulietta
    Well, I've moved back from the dark side! After three years pulling up to the black pump, I've gone green! So I bet you're thinking 'I wouldn't have done that', it'll be like driving a moped...actually with 16" wheels it looks like a moped! Ok so unless you've actually tried it yourself it...
  20. Spider --> 159 owner

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi, I have been a faithful spider owner for 5 years and I have fell in love with Alfas ever since. I plan to buy 2007/2008 2.2 JTS 159 (27000 miles) this week and would like to get some advice from my fellow alfisti.. What sort of service history should a well maintained 159 have? I do long...