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  1. South Africa 1. Alfa Romeo 'Busso' V6 2. Porsche M97/74 3. BMW S54B32 4. BMW N54 5. Jaguar AJ126 6. Ford Barra inline-six 7. Nissan VR38DETT 8. General Motors LF4 9. TVR Speed Six I think that's a fair...
  2. Alfa GTA
    After years of thinking am I missing out on something special not owning one of these gorgeous machines i decided to just get one and am absolutely blown away by this car. I now know i have been missing out on alot, WOW, what a car, I just cant believe how incredible these cars are. I have to...
  3. General Alfa Discussion
    Think it even eclipses the Daytona Spider from yesterdays Gumball Rally Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale - YouTube
  4. International Motor Sport
    This looks like a brilliant documentary on BBC 2 at 9:00pm on Sunday, and well worth a watch IMHO.....:) I've set the PVR for it already......:thumbs:
  5. South Africa
    How many of you guys have come across a company in SA that considers their clients over their bottom line? Well I did and I need to share this with you guys, so this is the story. I bought a the powerbrake GT kit for the Jazz in December and earlier this month i started hearing the "squealing"...
  6. International Motor Sport
    Group B Rally fans, the Greatest era paradoxically. If you didn't catch it here's a treat for Rally fans and more specifically the "Group B" era where the Sport was paradoxically at its best and worst. Grab a bottle of wine and enjoy.:) BBC iPlayer - Madness on Wheels: Rallying's Craziest Years
  7. South Africa
    saw this on the volvo forum and thought you guys would enjoy it as well.... Check at the end the car lengths vs the times over the 1/4 mile youtube
  8. 147 Gta Rear View

    Alfa 147 GTA, brilliant blue, with 18inch multispoke wheels
  9. Poll Room
    Chosen by experts and published in Dec 2010 Classic and Sports Car Mag.
  10. Poll Room
    Who is the Greatest F1 Driver of all time ? Based on statistics or personal appeal or any other factor you consider important who do you think is the Greatest F1 Driver of all time.
  11. Republic of Ireland
    Some of you guys know already..............but for those who dont............. its was..................................................... Ah i dont think i can do it too him:)
  12. General Alfa Discussion
    100 Greatest Drivers' Cars | Car Feature | evo This is the list of the Top 100 Drivers car and theres only 1 Alfa there at number 57 an Alfasud. C'mon I thought we could do better than that ! What about the Alfetta GTV my favourite and the current GTV !
  13. International Motor Sport
    Formula 1's Greatest Drivers - - Ayrton Senna :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs: Who took Part(The 217 F1 world championship drivers) Formula 1's Greatest Drivers -
  14. General Alfa Discussion
    vote alfa now. :)
  15. General Alfa Discussion
    which is the greatest alfa ever made? iv only ever owned one which is my 156 so i dont really know, what do you lot think?:D
  16. Motoring Images
    And I thought they were boxers.
  17. Poll Room
    For me its probably one of the greatest singles/videos ever....the lyrics are sublime.. YouTube - There There... in pitch dark i go walking in your landscape. broken branches trip me as i speak. just 'cause you feel it doesnt mean its there. just 'cause you feel it doesnt mean its there...
  18. Introduce Yourself
    Gents (and ladies?)- I want to thank you for being part of what has been a terrific support in my enjoyment of my '74 Spider (Giallo!)...nothing better than getting it back up to 100%! Hopefully I might be able to repay the favor with a tip or two I have picked over the years. Remember, shiny...
1-19 of 36 Results