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    Wonder if this is the same person many North Yorkshire Afisti will know? CAR reader stumbles upon crushed Alfa Romeo 4Cs | Secret New Cars | Car Magazine Online
  2. Highgate Cemetery (London)

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    The weekend before last I went on a tour around the west side of Highgate Cemetery in London (in Highgate if you hadn't guessed....). Formed in 1839, it was one of 7 cemeteries that was created "outside" London. Highgate was the more high profile of the "magnificent seven" as it was located a...
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    Finally gave in and went to get some wiper arms from my local breakers. Mine has/had the one piece wiper/arm that costs a leg and half an arm. Turned up at the breakers to be greated by a P plate in red at the entrance :eek: . "After some wiper arms for an Alfa 155" I said "No problem" says...