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    So, the car itch has been well and truly alive as of late, and I need someone to talk me out of it. Job is going bad, family making me spend more than I earn, car taxes/insurance expensive as heck and have no secure parking spot … yet I am sorely tempted :inlove: :inlove: Maserati GranSport 4.2...
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    As the title says, i really want a Maserati GranSport! :D Thought i would share that with you! It's not the buying thats putting me off, its the running....:(
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    A few photos of my GranSport with my friend's new purchase: a Jaguar XJR. Together The Jaguar The GranSport
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    Hope you like it!
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    For those of you who may be interested, I did a short write-up of my GranSport's recent tuning, which has been posted on the famous Enrico's Maserati website: Maserati Enthusiasts' Page (about halfway down page 155). Hope it is of interest :)
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    Following from Aaron's thread here: I took the liberty to select some of the better shots for everyones perusal ;) Will add mine soon, though they are probably all rubbish, as usual :lol: Me looking like a dork Over the...
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    Saw a white 10th Anniversary Special edition GranSport today whose owner was taking some shots and we just had to get some together. Hope you like them :)
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    Quick snaps with the mobile ;)
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    Just wanted to let you all know that not only did BF give me a ride in his awesome Maser GS, but he actually handed me the keys!!!!! As I said to him yesterday, although my GTA was the most interesting and exciting of the many sports cars I've owned, his GS was in a completely different...
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    Thanks to dgrover for the shots :) :cool: :thumbs:
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    Just a few pics for now ;) PS: As I said on another thread, poor quality pics but I hope to get better ones soon
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    Another month,another limited edition of the Maserati coupe:rolleyes: ...not that I'm complaining:) This time it's called "Contemporary Classic"(like it realy matters:p )! It's just one of the best looking cars on the market.Period!
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    What do you think?