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  1. East Midlands sunday lunch at The Goose - Gampston

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    To kick things off then .... we'll dive straight into .... Kellys kebab.... :lol: You'll notice Dave down the far end with nothing infront of him..... I think he ordered his meal on Saturday and finished it before we got there The next lot of photos are taken at The National water...
  2. to me Goose

    Alfa GTA
    I'll be looking to upgrade the exhaust system on the GTA in the next few months. Im after something thats not too loud and boomy but gives a good sound when on WOT. What have you guys got fitted, where from and what's the verdict? Cheers, Ben
  3. The East Midlands Sunday Lunch meet The Goose at Gamston.

    East Midlands
    Right then my fellow AO'ers ..... it's time for a sunday lunch feast :D So to mix it up a bit.... location wise, the venue this time is .... The Goose at Gamston Ambleside Nottingham NG2 6NA NB. The marker on...
  4. Greetings from the Goose Ranch

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    Just brought home an 84 Spider to round out the fleet. A man needs 5 cars to be happy. A formal town sedan A 2+2 A 2 seat open roadster A pick up truck And whatever RV suits your lifestyle. With this mix, you've got the perfect car for every occasion. Instead of getting more stuff, get better stuff.
  5. Goose chase

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    (Maybe) You,ll love it (especially the aussies umongst us) wink Turn your speakers onGoose Chase