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  1. gear box problems, whats it gonna cost me??

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys alfa 147 2lt petrol T spark (manual) ok just got back from my tour of france and spain, covered a few thousand miles, the alfa was spot on, until we got 70miles to Caliais.... basically lost 5th gear (kept popping out), so went down to 4th this also did the same thing, so down to 3rd...
  2. Gonna watch that Armoured Thing.

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    On channel 5 now, 19.15, think it might be the one that Sqn. R mentioned, which I missed some time back.Cheers.:):
  3. Whos gonna win the cricket?

    Poll Room
    Just wondering who's watching cricket..
  4. Its gonna be expensive!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just dropped my car off at Betacar as I know it needed some wishbone bushes replacing. Turns out it needs all the bushes replacing in the front wishbones and its cheaper to replace the whole lot but that £244 inc vat!! It also need two front tyres and front fogs for MOT £600 here we come
  5. Am I gonna be the first .......

    to post in this new section?
  6. You aint gonna believe this??

    General Alfa Discussion
    There I was my 1989 red 75 3 ltr v6 been sat in a dark and lonely car park awaiting some much needed TLC, Both clutch and valve seals blown on a fast run between Norwich and Cardiff, july 2003 resulting in a repair bill of over 1200 pounds... well not made of money, so it will become my project...
  7. warning : im gonna be bugging you all with questions now !

    Introduce Yourself
    hi, just picked up an 83 gtv6 2.5 in silver.. its got 17,103 miles on the clock from NEW !! it also has two blown head-gaskets, an inoperative clutch, some (minor) rust, four flat tyres and its been sat in a garage for about 10 years.. so basically.. it needs fully recommisioning, but should...
  8. gonna have a takeaway tonight

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    whats your choice :p
  9. Gonna open a can of worms here....

    General Alfa Discussion
    while washing my car yesterday and standing back and generally admiring my handywork (and the car of course:p )it struck me that the 156 veloce would benifit (in my opinon) from a low profile spoiler-not one of those horrid ones that take up half the back window!! so before i rush out and buy...
  10. Whos gonna be the first.......

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    ......Brera owner in this lounge? Look forward to someone resurrecting this this thread in a year`s time to tell us they were the one! :D
  11. Gonna get flamed to death.....

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just out of interest I got an insurance quote for my 156 with nitrous :rolleyes: I paid about £600 last year totally standard. Adrian Flux quote £630 with nitrous. Thats for a 26yo with 8years ncb, 3 points, and a 156 v6. Very tempted just for the novelty. :p
  12. Sorry, gonna have to be Alfa Less :-(

    General Alfa Discussion
    Made some tough decisions over the weekend, but in my mind the right ones, and I'm afraid my S Reg V6 beauty is gonna have to go, and unfortunately no other current Alfa fits the bill for her replacement. Most of it comes down to money, and a bit of common sense. So as of 13:00 on Thursday my...
  13. Is it gonna die???

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi peeps, I have a 147 selespeed with a mileage of 40k. It's developed a slight graunching noise when i change up between 2nd and 3rd. Is the gearbox about to fail big time or is it just a simple prob?
  14. i think im gonna be sick....

    Motoring Images be prepared people, its not nice :(
  15. GTV in hibernation for 3 weeks ... - battery gonna be ok??

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, I'm off on honeymoon for 3 weeks and are going to leave the GTV alarmed in the garage for 3 weeks.. Can anyone tell me if the battery is likely to drain in this time (alarm left on) ?? I know it must depend a bit of the current state of the battery - but its ok as far as i know -...
  16. Gonna tell you a little story...

    General Alfa Discussion
    Once upon a time (about 4 months ago), I had the displeasure to be hit from behind by a truck. rant Luckily, he had nearly stopped and only the bumper was dented, a simple replacement job. :rolleyes: Went through the usual Insurance rigmarole and because there was no dispute as to who was...
  17. We're all gonna DIE says Isaac Newton

    General Alfa Discussion
    sorry, i posted this in the wrong group :( LONDON (Reuters) - Armageddon is just 57 years away, by the calculations of Britain's most famous scientist, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on Saturday. Sir Isaac Newton, the 17th century scientist and theologian, wrote thousands of pages of...
  18. I know you guys are gonna LOVE this.

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  19. gonna again ! lucky me !

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    lucky me for buying an alfa 147, the headlight bulb has gone again, same as 4 months back,the heated seat switch has gone again, same as 3 months back , and sometimes the (O **** IM OUT OF PETROL) light flashes when it shouldnt,. 3 exciting new reasons why an alfa 147 is special. MERRY XMAS...