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  1. Sanity Check; Google Golf suspension problems ....

    General Motoring Discussion
    Creaks etc on the first thread you find Problem After problem - GOLFMK7 - VW GTI MKVII Forum / VW Golf R Forum / VW Golf MKVII Forum
  2. I like the VW Golf

    Alfa Giulietta
    Sitting in Traffic today I was behind a brand new Golf. obviously just out of the garage. As I sat there looking at it with the Sun shining on it I thought "That's a good looking car..... reflected in the paintwork" :D :cheese:
  3. Golf Day meet. Park and Drive ;)

    South East
    I was wondering if there were any keen golfers or any golfers for that matter that fancied once the weather got better, having a day out for the spoil of a good walk, followed by lunch/ dinner/ presentation, drool over cars, ignore golfers drink and have fun. I was thinking of Effingham Golf...
  4. Golf wins "rigged" award...

    General Motoring Discussion
    From AutoNewsEurope... BERLIN/FRANKFURT (Reuters) -- Germany's ADAC car club said revelations that it had falsified the results of its annual car award struck at the core of its credibility and has led some critics to raise questions about its car safety tests. ADAC communications director...
  5. Golf MK1 review from the 1970s

    General Motoring Discussion
    My goodness this review is thorough! I bet VW was hoping for a good review...little did it know just how huge a success the humble Golf would become globally. It's in German, but there's a dryness and precision to the test that sums up both Germany and its cars: VW Golf 1 - Der Autotest - ZDF...
  6. Alfa GT + Golf Clubs

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Been after a GT for a while, but this far north they are a rare bird, and for the first time today saw one at a local dealer. The need to fit golf clubs + electric trolley is essential, so can that rather pokey looking boot accomodate. I know the Brera can't so I ruled it out long ago. Any...
  7. alfa romeo golf umbrella where are you?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I would like a red golf umbrella with the alfa romeo logo and name on it in white.......any clues as to where I can get one.... without paying a fortune, after all it is just an umbrella that I will be advertising the name on free of fees are zero for advertising :lol:
  8. VW Golf wins 2013 European Car Of The Year

    General Motoring Discussion
    astonished at how many more points it scored over the well-received competitor from Volvo. Volkswagen Golf crowned European Car of the Year 2013 | Autocar
  9. New Golf Advert on TV

    General Motoring Discussion
    Looked up quickly just as it was ending. Did it say 'bored again'? I'll see if I can find it on YouTube to check ;)
  10. Anyone for Golf?

    Other External Adverts
    Hey fella's despite the title, as usual, i'm trying to get rid of something? ha ha!:cheese::cheese::cheese: But it is a Golf so i meant well really! I bought this Mk3 Colour Concept 2.0 8v GTi a few months back, with a bust gearbox, as the MK3's are known for chucking their diff out on...
  11. White Revo Golf 6 GTI vs White Megane RS

    South Africa
    So driving along minding my own business two cars come flying past me.. They both stop at the set of traffic lights ahead.. I recognise the white RS immediately.. Its the GTA's nemesis.. Next to it is a Golf 6 GTI with Revo stickers.. (I was in the Abarth by the way).. So I know these two guys...
  12. The "new" Golf

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hardly revolutionary but what do we think ? VW Golf (2013) first official pictures of Mk7 Golf | Automotive & Motoring News | Car Magazine Online
  13. Run in with Golf R

    South Africa
    On my way to JHB this morning I see a Golf R at the traffic lights behind me... Both looking to turn onto the R21. So the light turns green and I belt it, Golf R in hot pursuit... 1st he was on my tail, so he swung into the lane next to me, 2nd he wasn't exactly killing the GMA, 3rd he pulled...
  14. Giulietta leading in front of the VW Golf...

    General Alfa Discussion
    ... in Italy, I take it. La Giulietta batte la Golf nelle vendite More or less it says that for the second month in a row, in Italy (I surmise :)), more Giulettas have been sold than Golfs. Alfa says that the 1.4 GPL Turbo 120HP is the ace in the hole. We'll see if that lasts.
  15. The NEW GOLF!!! really.....?!

    General Motoring Discussion errrrmmm..whats to say?
  16. Golf GTI 7 vs Possible Alfa Romeo Giulietta GTA

    South Africa
    Hi guys, See the Car magazine is saying the Golf 7 GTI will make 200kw and then went on to say the only car that will be able to challenge the new Golf 7 GTI is the Alfa Romeo Giulietta fitted with a 224kw 1.8l engine. They seem sure the 1.8l engine will make it to the Giulietta :cheese: You...
  17. Tear-up with a vr6 golf

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I had a race with a vr6 golf on the way to work today. Happy to say my spider won. I'm sure me shouting 'good car' to my spider as I pulled away from the golf helped :)
  18. Golf v Giulietta

    Alfa Giulietta
    I have recently replaced my 3 year old 2.0 diesel Golf with a 1.6jtdm G, and I cannot believe how the G is not considered a credible alternative by the vast majority of the motoring press. The 1.6 diesel engine in the G is far better than the 2.0 litre in my old Golf and the new 1.6 Golf engine...
  19. Should i get a 159 or a Golf GTI mk5

    General Alfa Discussion
    I know they are 2 very different cars, but they are the 2 cars I am considering. I know im posting this in an Alfa forum, but want your opinions! Im coming from a 147. The Alfa is without doubt much better looking, more comfy and has a nicer interior. Although its not fast and does feel heavy...
  20. Tasty Golf on Detailing World

    General Motoring Discussion
    Supercharged 4-door MKII Golf in gold with interesting wheels. Players Show Charged Mk2 Show Car... - - Detailing World - Views?