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  1. Car Detailing
    About to go for a "Glaze" for the Spider, but which one would you guy's recommend. Atb, Alex
  2. Car Detailing
    Top stuff... Goes on easy, buffs off easy, gives a looooovely loooovely finish for a non-polisher like myself :thumbup: That's all :teacher:
  3. Car Detailing
    I have a 2013 white Giulietta and my wife has a 2013 light blue Beetle. What brands do you guys recommend in respect of polish, glaze, wax, clay bar etc.
  4. Motoring Images
    As we had such an epic weekend I had chance to: wash, clay bar, polish, glaze & wax the car!! It took just over 5 hours and a few beers :) As you can see the results are awesome, the iPhone camera isn't that good and google+ has compresed the pics a bit but I'm well happy with the results. I...
  5. Car Detailing
    i've just picked some of this up, what's the best way to use it? the fk has been on for 4 months so i thought with my week off next week, i'd have a good go at the bella again. i was going to: foam wash srp glaze fk hope is is right. but how do you apply the glaze? i'm aiming for a super wet...
  6. Car Detailing
    Fastlane Show MiTo Spruce - Detailing World
  7. Car Detailing
    Hello am just after a bit of advice i am just in the process of respraying my arches after there done i will be cutting them back usng G3 then going over them and the rest of the car with G10. I was just after some recomedations for a good machine glaze and a wax? i was concidering sticking...
  8. Alfa MiTo
    Has anyone had the 'A Glaze Surface protection' put on their MiTo. It does the following: Protection against acid rain Protection against the sun's ultra violet rays Protection against colour fading Protection against ionisation and fallout Helps protect against car wash swirl marks Helps...
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    I have bought some 'Amazing Glaze' for my motorhome and got some 'AG5 Formula Paint Protection' as a freebie. Has anyone used these and/or know if they are any good? Alan
1-9 of 9 Results